Business Systems Integration

By: Forefeat  06-Dec-2011

To make full use the internet, many businesses are bring together legacy systems into one web-based business system. The advantages of this are numerous:

  • Systems that were unable to previously "talk" are now connected and able to share information
  • Information can now be shared across different office locations without having to create multiple versions
  • Tasks previously requiring human resource can now be automated and accomplished more effectively and with greater accuracy also freeing up staff to tackle more demanding tasks.
  • Increase mobility of staff and provide alternative working solutions for employee now able to work on the road or at home.
  • Overall greater effectiveness and efficiency of the business process.

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Business Solutions

Content Management Systems often provide added features that allow management of secure information, images and other media in a simple to use fashion. It is more cost effective to edit information in-house than to pay a design to do.


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Forefeat systems increase effectiveness, decrease workload. Latest web design techniques and standards compliant. Private and secure hosting environment. Unlimited webmail and mailbox accounts. Unlimited and secure FTP accounts.