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By: Floorculture  06-Dec-2011

Why do I need Workzone anti-fatigue matting?

Standing for long periods on hard floors is one of the most common causes of physical stress and fatigue. We’ve all felt it – sore feet, sore legs, aching back and joints – your body begins to run out of energy, your heart is forced to work harder, your ability to work is effected, your concentration wanders.. an accident is just waiting to happen.

This is called Standing Worker Fatigue Syndrome (SWFS). Working muscles produce lactic acid, making the muscles feel stiff and sore. Increasing blood flow helps flush out the lactic acid, reducing fatigue and increasing safety and productivity.

WorkZONE is a special range of floor matting designed to alleviate foot, leg and back pain. Anti-fatigue floor matting is one of the most effective and simple ways to reduce standing worker fatigue. It works by encouraging movement of leg and calf muscles, promoting blood flow back to the heart.

Workers report that they felt only half as tired after eight hours standing on an anti-fatigue mat. The result is happy, healthy and loyal workers, with lower stress levels. They are more productive, more efficient and safer.

Why do I need Workzone safety matting?

Slippery floors are a major cause of workplace injuries, many of which are very serious and costly. The right floor protection can greatly reduce slipping and tripping injuries and the subsequent costs to employers and building owners. For oily or greasy areas some mats are more suitable than others. Each WorkZONE mat has a quick guide to help you select the best mat for your needs.

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