Professional Software Testing Services, Quality Assurance

By: Fisher Consulting  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Quality Assurance, Usability

Fisher Consulting Limited can provide your organization with dedicated, short-term or long-term software testing resources via a number of servicing models. We provide you with access to trained quality assurance testers so that you can be confident your software will work.

We offer the following services to our clients to meet their quality and functional testing goals or resource demands:


Test strategy and planning

We will work with major project stakeholders to write a new test strategy and plan that will consider all requirements and risks to be met, so that they can be fully realised and tested. With an existing template store and our own e-Volution™ methodology we can generate test cases and procedures to thoroughly exercise your system.

Test execution and reporting

Through cooperation with your existing organization's testing resources, or our own independent analysis of your business and functional requirements, we will execute manual or automated tests on your applications. We will provide in-depth reporting to include overall test results, and defect analysis.

Test automation

Automated software testing can deliver significant results (Fast repeatability, greater test coverage, consistency) and cost benefits when applied correctly within the project lifecycle. We can advise your organization on the correct tool for your environment and how best to use it.

Non-functional testing

Through performance and load testing we can verify that your software meets specific performance objectives in terms of response times under varying workloads. We can simulate the effect of thousands of users interacting with your application. Observe the behaviour of the application when resources are limited. Benefits achieved through this testing can include increased customer satisfaction through faster response times, location of potential bottlenecks and benchmarking.

Usability and accessibility testing

Usability will ensure that your software has been thoroughly tested to iron out any potential problems. We will navigate through your design and highlight any potential issues. If you develop web applications we make sure your website conforms to industry standards and legislation. Through usability testing we can provide practical feedback to your organisation to provide better understanding of your customers.

Accessibility opens your website to people who have problems with real world accessibility:

  • Users may be live in an isolated area and a website maybe one of the few means by which they can receive goods and services;
  • They may be older people and/or new website users;
  • They may have old PCs or browsers or old software;
  • They may have a temporary impairment.

Website accessibility testing will ensure that your website is accessible for all types of users, regardless of age, disability or aptitude.

Security testing

We can provide assistance for ensuring your software meets its specified security objectives in its intended environment. Through penetration testing and techniques such as SQL injection we will attempt to breach your application's security to expose any weaknesses or design flaws. We will provide feedback on whether adequate controls have been implemented to prevent security breaches.

Quality assurance:

Process evaluation

Whether your organization is currently evaluating a new quality methodology or developing an existing one (ISO, IEEE, XP, MSF), QA testing ensures that the approved processes are aligned with actual working practices and report any discrepancies.


Our QA processes include monitoring your existing quality processes and providing feedback on where management should focus their attention, so that new procedures can be implemented to meet changing conditions.

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