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By: Fingermark  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Digital Signage, Kiosk, Touch Panel

Our guiding principle in recommending product solutions is to ensure fit for

purpose and the best quality-per-cost balance possible. As most solutions are

intended for heavy duty use, we only recommend Professional or Digital Information

Display panels. Fingermark has direct from factory supply arrangements which

enables us to be very competitive in all screen sizes from 7 to 103 inches.

The interactive technology we deploy for any solution is largely governed by

the screen size, local environment and intended use. For medium to large

solutions we normally specify NextWindows passive-border optical technology.

For smaller screen sizes we tend to specify SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave

technologies). SAW solutions utilise ultrasound waves passing over a touch

panel and provide excellent image clarity.

Our choice of processing unit is largely governed by the purpose of the

kiosk or interactive unit and what type of content is to be displayed. For

more basic digital signage requirements a Linux media player offers a low-cost

networkable solution, while for interactive displays we would recommend a

small format PC. Processors can be internally integrated into the display or

be offered as an imbedded option.

To add further functionality to our interactive displays and kiosks we can

integrate our solutions with a range of peripherals to enhance their

performance and utility. Such peripherals include movement sensors to detect

foot traffic, printers for ticketing and receipting, cameras for tracking and

live imagery, bar code scanners for loyalty recognition and electronic payment


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Keywords: Digital Signage, Kiosk, Touch Panel

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