By: Field Notes Brand  05-Apr-2012

Original 3-Pack


Our original 48-page memo book available in four varieties.
Each book measures 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall and is bound with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.

3/16” (5mm)
graph paper.
Our original.

1/4” (6.5mm)
ruled paper.
Good, crisp lines.

Free wheelin’
plain paper.
Doodle away.

One of each.
Plain, ruled and
graph paper.

80-Page Steno Book

FN-11           $9.95

Stenography, or “shorthand,” is a writing system designed to increase speed and/or space-efficiency, most often used in journalism, medical, legal, and business environments to transcribe the spoken word.

THE STENO is 6″ by 9″ with a black Double-O Wiring spiral at the top so it lies flat, open or closed. Inside you’ll find 80 pages of 70# “Bright White” paper Gregg-ruled with a fine, soy-based application of “Double Knee Duck Canvas” light brown ink. The covers are Newark Paperboard Mills 60 pt. “Super Duty Chipboard,” with a screen-printed 1-Color application of “Dictation Smudge” black ink.

COLORS Subscription


Red Blooded


“The Kit”


None of us like to think about catastrophe, but when emergency strikes, will you be prepared? Sure, you have bandages, water, dog food, and duct tape, but in a no-internet situation, how will you blog?

FIELD NOTES BRAND stays up late worrying about such things, and we’ve created the perfect solution.

“THE KIT” Includes:
2 – 80-Page Steno Books
1 – Graph 3-Pack
1 – Mixed 3-Pack
6 – #2 Pencils
6 – Clic Pens
6 – Bands of Rubber

County Fair
State 3-Pack


CHOOSE YOUR STATE: Make your own “Great Lakes Edition” or “Places I Have Visited Set.”

Neon Summer Camp


Our second-generation neon FIELD NOTES are available now! We’re offering a special 3-Pack of our kid-friendly “Summer Camp” FIELD NOTES with color-coordinated pencils and our famous FN-09 “Band of Rubber.”

The pack contains three pocket notebooks (fluorescent blue, yellow and green) with “summer sky” blue 3/16″ graph interior pages, and three matching pencils. They look great under a blacklight, and trust us when we tell you they scream “don’t leave me behind.”

Field Notes
Road Trip Kit


County Fair Box Set
of All 50 States


Clic Pen 6-Pack

FN-06      $5.00

Polished, nickel-plated trim. Smooth plastic for
smooth handling. Really. Make a gun out of
the things, just like in 4th grade. Square deal.

No.2 Woodgrain
Pencil 6-Pack

FN-05      $3.49

Lacquer-free renewable cal-cedar wood casing, recyclable aluminum ferrule, enviro-green degradable eraser and certified non-toxic imprint inks.

Carpenter Pencil

FN-13      $4.50

7″ carpenter pencils fit nicely in your coverall pocket or behind most ears, and won’t roll away while you work. Three bright-white pencils with red type.

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Vintage Memo Book Archive

Men who molded America came from farms and plantations — farmer statesman of the past like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. All of this, on the cover of a long-forgotten memo book, luckily dug up by little ol’ me somewhere in my loose travels. He handed it over to his roommate Eric Lovejoy, who then brought it down to Field Notes West here in Portland, Ore.


Field Notes Public Service Announcement

Penmanship practice, carefully crafted lyrics, a missive pleading for parole, passive aggressive public notices, a lover’s note folded into some tabbed triangle thingie and maniacal lists of whatever you can dream up worth listing. Pretend you are in prison, and hatch an escape plan, complete with cool underground maps, tunnels schematics and “what you’ll do with your new life on the outside” hopes.



Devoted Field Notes fans have asked for a larger notebook, something to keep on their desks to go along with our pocket-sized and portable originals. It’s time to start planning your summer road trip and we can help make it great with our new ROAD TRIP KIT. I’ve never used a pencil that smells this strongly of cedar and have seldom ever used one to match it. So today we’re announcing the new Field Notes Brand STENO BOOK.



The Model LS-40 tower was built in Chicago in 1932 by the Aermotor Company, and was erected by the Wisconsin Conservation Commission, first several miles east-southeast in far more isolated location reachable only by foot trail, and then disassembled by the CCC and moved closer to service roads in 1935.