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By: Field Notes Brand  05-Apr-2012

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March 8th, 2012 by Jim Coudal

Our pocket-sized memo books are perfect for recording notes, quotes and sketches while you make your way through all 16 books. They also serve as a handy way to keep track of your Rooster picks during all five rounds of matches.

February 24th, 2012 by admin

November 2nd, 2011 by Jim Coudal

April 8th, 2011 by Jim Coudal

Since we started our limited-edition, quarterly runs of COLORS memo books, we have tried to up the ante with each release. It’s going to be difficult to top what we’ve done over the last year, but we’re up for and eager for the challenge.

In total over the last year, COLORS subscribers from have received 10 3-Packs of memo books, a special-edition calendar, lots of pens, pencils, buttons, bands of rubber, and all assortment of goodies in between, plus all shipping to anywhere as well as the piece of mind in knowing that their limited-edition COLORS books would arrive while they were immediately selling out for everyone else. Case in point: our latest, the Dry Transfer ________ Edition, is now sold out.

March 10th, 2011 by admin

August 27th, 2010 by admin

April 30th, 2010 by admin

If you need another reason to purchase Colors, all we can offer is this mysterious one: We’re working on the SUMMER edition right now and it’s our most ambitious and awesome one yet. We’d like to tell you more about it but that would spoil all the fun.

Let’s just say that in farmhouses all across America, fresh-faced girls and boys are getting up at the crack of dawn every day to help us make it happen.

April 15th, 2010 by Aaron

That’s right, folks. All the styles that matter: Graph, Ruled and Plain.And to jumpstart your latest memo book, we’ve compiled a rather loose list of “Practical Applications” for whatever your flavor of line might be.

GRAPH: Spatial calculations, pixelated icon designs, frenzied matches of Tic-Tac-Toe and that perfect design of the deck you’ve always wanted to “add on” to the homestead.

RULED: Penmanship practice, carefully crafted lyrics, a missive pleading for parole, passive aggressive public notices, a lover’s note folded into some tabbed triangle thingie and maniacal lists of whatever you can dream up worth listing.

PLAIN: Freehand drawings, waiting room doodles, tripped-out mind-expanding-page-filling works of psychedelia and maybe even a loving portrait of your flea-bit pet.

There you go. Now get to work! As always, we thank you for believing in Field Notes brand products.

February 3rd, 2010 by admin

August 29th, 2008 by Aaron

It’s Friday and we’re feeling good, and we wanted to remind you to “Do it on Graph Paper!”

Organize your life. Make a plan. Sketch up an addition to your household. Draft a contract. Make a list of records you are looking for. Write some poetry. Draw a friend. Make a grocery list. Practice your penmanship. Pretend you are in prison, and hatch an escape plan, complete with cool underground maps, tunnels schematics and “what you’ll do with your new life on the outside” hopes. Make a list of ailments. Measure something, and jot down the dimensions. Make a crop prediction for the autumn harvest. Rip a page out, write out a little message for someone in a far away land, put it in a bottle, chuck it out into an ocean, Great Lake or dangerous river and hope it doesn’t end up down the way, underneath some rich guy’s dock or something.

There’s a lot you can do on graph paper. Get to work!

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Vintage Memo Book Archive

Men who molded America came from farms and plantations — farmer statesman of the past like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. All of this, on the cover of a long-forgotten memo book, luckily dug up by little ol’ me somewhere in my loose travels. He handed it over to his roommate Eric Lovejoy, who then brought it down to Field Notes West here in Portland, Ore.



We’re offering a special 3-Pack of our kid-friendly “Summer Camp” FIELD NOTES with color-coordinated pencils and our famous FN-09 “Band of Rubber.. The pack contains three pocket notebooks (fluorescent blue, yellow and green) with “summer sky” blue 3/16. FIELD NOTES BRAND stays up late worrying about such things, and we’ve created the perfect solution.



Devoted Field Notes fans have asked for a larger notebook, something to keep on their desks to go along with our pocket-sized and portable originals. It’s time to start planning your summer road trip and we can help make it great with our new ROAD TRIP KIT. I’ve never used a pencil that smells this strongly of cedar and have seldom ever used one to match it. So today we’re announcing the new Field Notes Brand STENO BOOK.



The Model LS-40 tower was built in Chicago in 1932 by the Aermotor Company, and was erected by the Wisconsin Conservation Commission, first several miles east-southeast in far more isolated location reachable only by foot trail, and then disassembled by the CCC and moved closer to service roads in 1935.