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November 29th, 2010 by Aaron

Waking up this morning, all sleepy-eyed and half dead, I watched the entire Today Show, getting the crowd shots and weather updates from Al Roker, the feel good stories from Meredith Viera and even some holiday cooking tips from Matt Lauer. Everything a gift-of-girthed, overly-sedentary, workin’-that-mousefinger-to-the-bone kinda guy like myself would need to get his day going. Took some notes, shed some tears and learned some stuff.

Host Natalie Morales: Okay, then what is it with the Field Notebooks here?
Lucky Magazine Lady: These are hugely popular and allll the rage and they’re…
Host: Really?
Lucky: …and they’re really cool little notebooks you stash in your pockets to inspire them to take notes in class. They are $9.99 for three.
Host: Encouraging them to write again, what a concept?
Lucky: I know, I know!

So proud to see them out there in the world, doing what they do. For the kids! For everyone!

Thank you, Today show! Al Roker forever.

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We hope he’s joking. Don’t turn to crime, Andy! Just sign up for our mailing list (at the top of the left column there,) you’ll be the first to know when new editions are released, before they sell out.

September 30th, 2010 by admin

We’ve been busy with press checks lately, Our Fall “COLORS” edition and another custom project are being printed this week and headed to the bindery next week, they’ll be announced soon. Winter COLORS and a brand new product are being finalized right now, for October production, and they’ll be available before Thanksgiving. It’s always great seeing American pressmen hard at work, and let us tell you, they get as excited about FIELD NOTES as we do.

(PS, fear not, Toyo does manufacture soy-based inks in the U.S.A.)

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Want a FIELD NOTES button? We’re including one (and other goodies) with every order!

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