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By: Fax-it  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Broadcasting, Telemarketing

Fax-it » Services

Fax Broadcasting

Fax-it provides a powerful, targeted, fax broadcasting service enabling you to reach thousands of recipients with your message within a matter of hours.

The use of our business-to-business database of 130,000 nationwide contacts, categorised by region, suburb and/or industry sector is included in our page rate, along with any applicable telecommunication charges.

Fax Design

Clear, punchy artwork designed by our experts with years of experience providing customers with eye-catching  fax campaign graphics. Your own company logos or images can be supplied for placement on your artwork along with any other branding requirements. Simply give us a brief outline of your promotional offer and we’ll take it from there. A draft is usually available within one working day.

Fax Back Service

Advertise our fax number and we’ll receive, collate and forward your leads to you.


Our targeted outbound telemarketing allows us to focus on your ideal prospect. By asking the right questions and tactful information gathering, the results can be outstanding! With the use of our custom-built CRM system, your company will never miss an opportunity. Employ our telemarketing services to support an existing sales team or to simply generate new leads and opportunities for your business.

Our telemarketing team are not just voices on the end of a phone – we are experienced business and sales people. We know the value of understanding our client’s campaign objectives and applying them to create an impressive leads or sales pipeline. Each campaign is driven by a customised, but flexible script, to allow us to listen and adapt each call individually to gain the best outcome for our client.

Whether we’re appointment setting, qualifying leads, supporting your sales team or building an independent pipeline, our team will turn outbound telemarketing contact into sales opportunities which in turn lead to profitable results.

Data Entry

We can build and maintain your database from information you provide. This is popular with restaurant or expo sites where business cards are collected. Use this information to fax broadcast, or telemarket to, for a great result.

Fax Back

Advertise our fax number and we’ll receive, collate and forward your leads to you.

Keywords: Broadcasting, Telemarketing