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By: Farrowjamieson  06-Dec-2011

Identifying and recruiting company executives is one of farrowjamieson major focuses. Our process of ensuring clients only meet with candidates who truly meet the requirements of the brief is rigorous.

At the outset, we develop a close working partnership with our clients to establish a clear understanding of their management structure, working environment and projected developments. With that as a backdrop, we determine the specific duties and responsibilities, key reporting areas, overall objectives and future prospects of the proposed position. As well, we ascertain the mix of experience, qualifications, personality and style required.

When we are confident that we have a precise brief of the company and the position, we recommend the appropriate method of recruitment and remuneration structure necessary to attract the most suitable candidates.

Candidates are contacted on a confidential basis and in a manner which reflects positively on the client organisation. If they meet the client’s briefing requirements, they are invited to undertake a detailed interview.

Extensive candidate reference checks are fully reported prior to the candidate and client meeting to ensure there are no ‘surprises’ further along the recruitment process.