Prepare your family for Easter

By: Faith 4 Families  05-Apr-2012

Our grandchildren loved the sessions on Jesus’ miracles and why he was such a special king from Volume One. The first session which talks about the difference between a trick and a miracle really captured their attention. They loved the game with the fish-  and we adults catching them by throwing the teatowel over them!

The older children really ‘got’ how many people Jesus fed when we broke up their bread rolls and tried to get a bit on each of the fifty smiley faces. The maths challenge ended up being a bit of a competition! If you just want to have a fun afternoon with your children and have some great conversations with then about mriacles and tricks, then you’ve got to do this session.

I really encourage you to make this family time something you all look forward to as – I promise you it will spill over into other parts of your family life.

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Faith Box Inspires Bible Literacy

Our minister, Brett Johnstone, was so inspired by this he challenged the congregation to “Beat the Minister” at learning the books of the Old Testament. Because the song is also called “The Ice Cream Song”, everyone else who memorises the books receives an ice cream. At the beginning of the term, I challenged each of the children to memorise the books in order.