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Products and services

All prices are pegged to the New Zealand Dollar as these are imported products.


  • Untreated hardwood
  • Source: Merbau, Malaysia & Vesi (among others)
  • Colour: Dark reddy-brown
  • Characteristics: Has high stability and is less likely to split than its soft wood counterpart. Low levels of movement or shrinkage; mean the openings in the deck's joins will be minimal. The colour bleeds considerably. It is one of the most popular choices.


  • Treated hardwood
  • Source: Fijian plantations
  • Colour: Dark reddy-brown
  • Characteristics: Sourced from the only sustainable Mahogany plantation in the world, established with seedlings imported from British Honduras after World War II. Supply is subject to availability.

Eucalyptus (Saligna):

  • Untreated hardwood
  • Source: Australia
  • Colour: Ranges from pink to dark red - usually rose-red
  • Characteristics: Registered on the Forest Stewardship Council (Greenpeace approved). It is a moderately durable, comparatively lightweight wood.


  • Untreated hardwood
  • Source: Papua New Guinea
  • Colour: Whitish or yellow grey
  • Charateristics: Registered on the Forest Stewardship Council (Greenpeace). It is a low shrinkage, highly durable product that comes in short lengths only. Subject to availability - comes only in short lengths.

These products are domestic produce, therefore prices levels are stable.


  • Treated (H3.2 Grade) softwood
  • Source: New Zealand plantations
  • Colour: Light yellowish-brown
  • Characteristics: Registered on the Forest Stewardship Council (Greenpeace). All pine is treated for rot resistance. It can be painted or stained and is available in three qualities;
  • Premium: No knots - for a much better looking deck!
  • Number One: Knots up to 10mm in diameter (limited availability)
  • Merchant: Knots up to 30mm in diameter (not recommended)Technical Features:
  • Exclusively, Ezydeck offers pine decking smooth on both sides as a standard practice.
  • Three size options: 90 x 35, 90 x 20 and new 140 x 30.
  • Comes with a 15 year limited warranty.

Specialty Pine products:

  • Treated softwood
  • Source: New Zealand plantations
  • Colour: Clear sealer and other colours available to order
  • Characteristics: Premium product, free of knots. Kiln Dried providing more stability, and reducing shrinkage and movement. New technology treatments which are chrome and arsenic free. Fixed, pre-staining with a water inhibitor means no need to stain deck at the end of the job, and bleeding is prevented. Technical Features:
  • Decking Product is graded to the smooth face.
  • Three size options: 90 x 35, 90 x 20 and new 140 x 30.
  • Comes with a 25 year limited warranty.


  • Timber composite decking made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • Source: 50% reclaimed plastic, and 50% reclaimed wood
  • Colour: Grey and Cedar
  • One size: 140 x 20
  • Characteristics: The plastic protects the wood from moisture and insect damage, preventing rotting and splintering and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage. Therefore requires minimal maintenance, no need for sanding, staining, oiling or painting.Technical Features:
  • One Size 140 x 20
  • Grip tread or sanded available.
  • Sizes range from 125mm - 145mm in width and come in 20mm - 45mm range heights.
  • Lengths are 4.8 metres.

Structural Specifications


Ezi Yaka pre-cast concrete foundation pads allow us to begin building immediately after piles, posts, or poles are placed in position prior to concrete infill. There's no need to wait for concrete to arrive or harden. Because the pad offers a hard surface the pile height can be established, the pile cut and the sub-floor construction begun.


  • 50 years performance rating (structure and durability)
  • B.I.A. accredited, certificate No 93/003 (structure and durability)
  • Complies to NZS 3604:1999
  • 7 day minimum cured concrete


  • H 5, number one grade pine (50 year durability)
  • 125mm x 125mm or 100mm x 100m (for decks under a metre)


  • H 3.2, number one grade pine
  • Galvanised or stainless steel bolts and brackets
  • Nails galvanised or stainless steel (ring shank for decking)

Waterproof Decks:


Weatherdek offers the ultimate combination of waterproofing protection, unlimited versatility, rugged durability and unsurpassed design options, which ensures an effective solution for any waterproof decking application.

The systems are as strong on protection as they are on good looks, and provide complete waterproofing cover, especially for decks above living areas. Visit the Weatherdek website by .


Tile compatible waterproof membranes for underneath tiles.

Full Rebuild Service:

We have a highly skilled team of builders and waterproofers, specially trained to deal with leaking decks and associated work.

Handrails and balustrades:

  • Wood
  • Wood and aluminium ballisters
  • Aluminium
  • Framed glass (6mm)
  • Semi framed glass (10mm) with wood or aluminium posts
  • Frameless glass (12mm)

Pergolas and screens:

  • With polycarbonate roofing
  • Trellis screens
  • PVC screens

Associated work:

  • Leak detection
  • French doors
  • Fencing
  • Retaining walls
  • Seating
  • Planter boxes
  • Cleaning and restaining
  • Organise building permits and drawings

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Keywords: Decking, Decks, Pine, Wood