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By: Extreme Global  06-Dec-2011

Complete shipping service - USA, UK, Europe, NZ

We believe "every project is a special project - the details are all important". When we are given the responsibility of dealing with your dream car, motor home, boat or plane we treat it like our own. We think it's the only way. Don't you?

Through experience we've built relationships and contacts the world over. Together - we have developed a custom shipping service that's proven and flexible. If it's your first time shipping something of value we know it looks like a difficult process - but to us it's our life. We do it every day and still look forward to the look on your face when your dream arrives.

This is why we provide a hands-on personal "total solution" service, designed to be affordable but also provide door-to-door delivery if required. We can organise pick up from anywhere in the US or the UK and deliver direct to your door here in NZ. We have a regular service from Los Angeles meaning quick delivery and can offer joint shipping in a shared container to keep the cost down, or for that prized possession, single vehicle container shipping. It's up to you! For oversized vehicles that do not fit in a container (like motor homes & some boats) we can also provide flat rack and roll-on roll-off options.

When we ship vehicles they do not move during transit. We unpack the containers at our depot in Auckland and arrange customs clearance and MAF inspections on site. You don't have to worry about a thing. We do it all. What's more, because of our general cargo service we can ship your spare parts, new engines, transmissions, tyres or panels on the same service. Our agents - CFR Line - ship hundreds of cars a month to Europe from Los Angeles, as well as to Australia and New Zealand. It's not as hard or expensive as you probably always thought it would be - call us to find out.

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