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Expert Maths Tuition Ltd - Services


A student's current Maths ability is assessed during the first session. This enables areas of difficullty to be addressed  during Tuition.

Parents are invited to observe the assessment session. You will receive the results at the end of the session. We offer 100% money back gaurantee of progress in this session.



This session offers intensive Maths focusing on gaining outstanding achievement.


This service for those unable to attend our classes.


These are designed to prepare you for each of the following Entrance Test:



Air Force



Banking Industry


Maths tuition is available for school students from Year 1 to 13.

Tuition takes place in

small groups

of up to three to ensure sufficient individual attention, or in



A student's current Maths ability is assessed during the first session. This enables areas of difficulty to be focused on during the tuition.

Years 1 to 8 Maths tuition follows the New Zealand Number Framework, which describes the different ways students think when solving number problems as strategy stages.

  • Stage Zero: Emergent - Students are unable to consistently count a given number of objects.
  • Stage One: One-to-One Counting - Students can count and form a set of objects up to ten.
  • Stage Two: Counting from One on Materials - Students can join or separate sets problems by counting physical materials like their fingers.
  • Stage Three: Counting from One by Imaging - Students are able to image visual patterns of the objects in their minds and count them.
  • Stage Four: Advanced Counting (Counting On) - Students understand that the end number in a counting sequence measures the whole set and can relate addition and subtraction of objects to the forward and backward number sequences by ones, tens, etc. e.g. 32 + 21 = 32, 42, 52, 53
  • Stage Five: Early Additive - Students recognise that numbers can be treated simultaneously as wholes or can be partitioned and recombined. This is called part whole thinking. e.g. 9 + 4 = (4 - 3 = 1) (9 + 1 = 10) + 3 = 13
  • Stage Six: Advanced Additive Part-Whole - Students use a range of part-whole strategies to solve and estimate the answers to addition and subtraction problems.
  • Stage Seven: Advanced Multiplicative Part-Whole - Students choose appropriately from a range of part-whole strategies to solve and estimate the answers to multiplication and division problems. A key feature of this stage is using reversibility, solving division problems using multiplication.
  • Stage Eight: Advanced Proportional Part-Whole - Students select from a wide range of strategies to solve and estimate the answers to problems involving fractions, proportions and ratios.
  • Number - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
  • Measurement - Length, Area, Mass, Volume, Capacity, Money, Time, Temperature
  • Geometry - Shapes, Solids, Movement, Position, Symmetry
  • Algebra - Patterns, Relationships, Equations
  • Statistics - Data handling and interpretation, probability


Working according to course outline, looking at Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics.

Text books"Alpha Mathematics" (for year 9) and "Beta Mathematics" (for year 10) by David Barton.


NCEA Level 1

  • Algebraic Methods (AS90147)
  • Sketch and Interpret Graphs (AS90148)
  • Measurement (AS90149)
  • Geometric Techniques (AS90150)
  • Statistical Methods (AS90193)
  • Probabilities (AS90194)
  • Number Problems (AS90151)
  • Right-Angled Triangles (AS90152)
  • Geometric Reasoning (AS90153)
  • and All Unit Standards

Text book "Gamma Mathematics" by David Barton.


NCEA Level 2

  • Algebra (AS90284)
  • Non-linear Graphs (AS90285)
  • Derivatives and Integrals (AS90286)
  • Geometry (AS90287)
  • Sampling (AS90288)
  • Probability (AS90289)
  • Sequences (AS90290)
  • Trigonometry Problems (AS90291)
  • Trigonometry Equations (AS90292)
  • and All Unit Standards

Text book "Theta Mathematics" by David Barton.


NCEA Level 3 - Calculus

  • Differentiation (AS90635)
  • Integration (AS90636)
  • Trigonometry (AS90637)
  • Algebra (AS90638)
  • Geometry (AS90639)
  • and All Unit Standards

NCEA Level 3 - Statistics & Modelling

  • Determine the trend for time series data (AS90641)
  • Calculate confidence intervals for population parameters (AS90642)
  • Solve straightforward problems involving probability (AS90643)
  • Solve equations (AS90644)
  • Select and analyse continuous bi-variate data (AS90645)
  • Use probability distribution models to solve straightforward problems (AS90646)
  • Use a Mathematical model involving curve fitting to solve a problem (AS90647)
  • and All Unit Standards

Text books "Delta Mathematics" (for Calculus) and "Sigma Mathematics" (for statistics) by David Barton.


  • Pure Mathematics - 1
  • Pure Mathematics - 2
  • Pure Mathematics - 3
  • Statistics - 1


EMT offers prep classes for:

  • Tertiary Entrance qualifications
  • Police Entrance Exam
  • Air force Entrance Exam
  • Army Entrance Exam
  • Navy Entrance Exam
  • Banking Industry entrance


Friends of EMT Ltd.


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