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By: Everedgeip  06-Dec-2011
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Assessing technology and intellectual property assets is one of the most critical aspects of commercialisation.

Once initiated projects tend to rapidly gain momentum and it is important to ensure that resources, time and energy are not committed to a project that cannot ultimately generate a strong return. The adage that “you cannot turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse” is very true in commercialisation.

Yet accurately assessing a technology’s true potential can be extremely difficult and prone to significant error. Mistakes about the strength of intellectual property protection, freedom-to-operate risk, technology feasibility and market uptake frequently prove costly or even fatal to a business.

Through our experience of investing in our own technology portfolio and through working with hundreds of technology companies EverEdge IP has developed a proprietary assessment methodology to help our clients understand their technology or intellectual property’s true potential. This ensures that future plans are based on a strong and realistic foundation.

Being independent of the patent attorney industry also means that we are uniquely placed to provide impartial and objective advice about how and whether intellectual property and technology should be protected, managed and commercialised.

Although technology and intellectual property are strongly inter-related, assessing the merits and commercial value of each requires different approaches and skill sets. When considering a technology, factors such as functionality, cost, market potential and manufacturing feasibility need to be taken into account. Intellectual property assessment, however, tends to focus more on legal matters such as protection strengths and weaknesses, identifying infringement risk and workaround potential.

The following are a snap shot of the kind of objective and independent assessments we can undertake to help you understand your technology’s commercialisation potential:

  • Intellectual Property Position Review

  • Technology Landscape Review

  • Registered Intellectual Property Cost Forecast

Intellectual Property Position Review

Building and maintaining an intellectual property portfolio is expensive, regardless of whether the protection is strong or weak. Patents in particular are extremely expensive - yet a weak patent will cost just as much as a strong one. The problem is it can be difficult to tell which is which!

We can help you to understand your technology’s intellectual property strength and scope before spending money protecting it. We can advise on what the most effective protection mechanisms are likely to be and also help you to determine whether your technology is likely to infringe someone else’s intellectual property -  therefore identifying major litigation threats before they occur.

Our expert advice means that, before you make any commitments, your decisions are based on reality rather than hope. Because we do not file patent or trademarks for our clients and are independent of the patent attorney industry, you can be confident that our advice is independent and objective.

Technology Landscape Review

No piece of technology or intellectual property is an island.  Taking a "helicopter view" to assess an invention within its wider technology context provides a clear and strategic picture of all related strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

For example, plans for a new type of car brake should be assessed within the broader context of all brake technology and intellectual property to identify potential third-party patent threats as well as cross-platform opportunities.

By understanding the landscape, you can ensure your intellectual property commercialisation journey takes you on the quickest route to success.

Registered Intellectual Property Cost Forecast

It’s vital to consider intellectual property protection costs over an idea’s entire lifespan.  Many people fall into the trap of focusing on the initial registration costs without factoring in the on-going expense of office actions and maintaining protection.

If you are considering using patents, design rights or trademarks, we will help you to forecast the real total cost of ownership of that protection, in all jurisdictions where the protection applies.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patent, Patent Attorney

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