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By: Everedgeip  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Owners

Great ideas abound but often there is too much focus on the idea itself, rather than the on commercialisation process. Our clients succeed because we help them understand that commercial success often comes down to how – rather than what - you commercialise.

This shift in priority helps intellectual property owners to move away from continual technology and product development and instead concentrate on making money from their innovations.

More than anything, commercialisation is a process. It demands clear goals, consistent strategy and focus, multiple skill-set inputs, energy, resources and time.

Over time, we have developed a suite of services matched to the commercialisation process that we have found dramatically increases the probability and scope of success. Our services include:

Keywords: Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Owners

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EverEdge IP Group Ltd. - Technology and Intellectual Property Assessment

We can advise on what the most effective protection mechanisms are likely to be and also help you to determine whether your technology is likely to infringe someone else?s intellectual property - therefore identifying major litigation threats before they occur.


EverEdge IP Group Ltd. - Ideation

Although such ideas may be valuable, their indiscriminate nature and timing often means they are misaligned to the organisation?s broader goals and strategy. You may have a great idea with clear market potential, but that does not necessarily mean you should invest time or money in developing it. Is the strategic generation of new ideas, business models, technologies and product applications.


EverEdge IP Group Ltd. - Commercialisation

This may involve packaging a trademark, manufacturing process and patent position to create a strong commercialisation position and then targeting large global distributors where there is good strategic fit. Planning involves the development of a comprehensive commercialisation strategy that will guide the project from its current state to generating its first revenues.


EverEdge IP Group Ltd. - Negotiation

Our highly experienced intellectual property negotiation team will help you to maximise your returns by providing objective, insightful and robust advice to help you successfully close the deals that will drive your commercialisation forward. We work with clients to develop a clear framework for guiding discussions and negotiations to ensure that objectives and deal parameters are aligned with your broader goals.