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By: Espressoworkz  06-Dec-2011
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Sometimes you empty the dregs draw, three coffees later the machine asks you to empty the dregs Draw again?

The reason for this is that the machine counts every coffee shot, after 30 shots the machine requires you to empty the Dregs Draw, it doesn’t know you just did it three coffee’s ago

To get rid of empty Dregs Draw signal;

  •  Take out Draw for 15 seconds, making sure to have the machine turned on and the right hand side door closed, this is to insure the machine power is on, therefore knows the draw has been out for 15 seconds.

On The Royal range if it says coffee beans empty and obviously there are beans in the hopper, then it will normally be a case of moisture has gotten onto the beans and blocked or even rusted the blades.

Bring to your nearest service agent.

The coffee grinds are set too fine,  try adjusting grounds more course

Someone may have put a fine grade of pre- ground coffee into the pre-grounds Shute

Because of this, the brew unit metal shower may have become slightly blocked.

It is better to have the coffee come out slow as opposed to fast, as this provides better extraction of the coffee

1.Fill up water tank.

2.Push the water button and let water run for approx 1 Minute.

Sometimes you may need to do this a couple of times!

If problem persists call your service agent.

It is very important to regularly clean out the milk frother attachment for hygiene purposes and also to prevent mechanical failures.

  • At regular intervals throughout the day place the milk tube in a glass of water, turn on the milk frother and flush water through the attachment until it runs clear.
  • At the end of each day flush your milk frother with the Cafetto milk frother sanitizing cleaner. (Follow instructions on back of the bottle.)
  • Make up solution with 20ml of Milk Frother Sanitizing Cleaner in 300ml of warm water.
  • Insert milk frother suction tube into solution and run for 2 cleaning/flush cycles.  Press the automatic milk frother.
  • Remove tube from solution and place in container of clean water.  Run for 2 flush cycles.
  • You can also remove the Milk frother attachment and clean with Hot Water.


Nine times out of ten you can solve any issue with the automatic Milk Frother yourself by following the steps below.

If the milk frother is not sucking milk up but is creating steam, check the following:

  • The plastic pin is still intact
  • As in Picture on right, wire placed up into assembly to clear hole of milk residue.
  • The milk frothing unit has been assembled correctly:
  • The lid of the unit has been firmly secured and the black seal has not been jammed.
  • The indentation on the lid of the unit is around the milk pin and the hose clip is facing forward.
  • The milk frothing unit is pushed into the machine, as far as it will go.
  • The white rod sticking out the side of the machine is screwed on tightly. (There should also be 2 black o-rings on the white rod)
  • The Milk frothing Unit is pushed completely on to the white Rod.
  • The milk frothing unit and tube are completely clean, including clearing out the air hole with the metal pin provided (see picture in cleaning instructions).
  • If none of the above suggestions work, contact us.  If you hear hissing coming from inside the machine or puddles are forming under the machine,
  • Contact us ASAP on 0800 377 737.

Keywords: Brew Unit, Coffee, Coffee Beans,