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By: Epip  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Performance Management, Performance Management System, Online Performance Management

This unique online performance management system is made up of independent modules that automate the reviews and eliminate all administration.  The ePIP frees up hours of the managers time by putting staff in the driver's seat of their own performance review. The coaching tools within the system guide the staff into taking responsibility for their performance and its development.  They have the sense of initiating the process and taking control every step of the way.  This approach brings ownership of the identified development goals and subsequent training needs.

The ePIP System is currently made up of three independent modules, myReview (360-degree Performance Review & Goal Tracking), myTraining (Training Needs Analysis) and myPlan (Management By Objective). A forth module, myJob (Job Descriptions) is due for release in 2010. All modules can be used stand alone or together as an integrated whole (see process flow diagram below).

The ePIP performance review process: 

  • Incorporates 360° feedback (from internal or external stakeholders) and automatically collates feedback for the performance review.
  • Gives a step-by-step process for employees and their managers to work through the feedback results prior to the face-to-face review meeting.
  • Puts the employee in the driver's seat by providing online survey analysis tools to help them understand their areas of strength and their areas for development and then documenting these for future reference.
  • Provides a process for setting up development goals on-line and then tracking them over the coming year.
  • Effectively prompts managers to meet with team members on a regular basis to review goals, and to provide supervision or coaching. 

This ePIP Training Needs Analysis module gives you: 

  • A selection of training options tailored to the individual performer based on the organisation wide and job specific competencies.
  • Training requests that can be made directly by the individual or in consultation with his/her manager and entered directly into the database.
  • A number of training needs reports that can easily be generated on demand.
  • This module can be used in conjunction with the myReview or utilised on its own at a different time of the year. 

This ePIP Strategic-plan Cascading and Goal Tracking module will: 

  • Allow business goals to be set up and tracked on a different time-line from the 360-review process (fitting in with the financial year).
  • Make strategic business plans (divisions & teams) available online.
  • Make it easy for departments or teams to link operational goals to the strategic plan.
  • Allow individuals to document and track business goals separately from development goals (thus, with the online scorecard, providing a potential link with performance based remuneration).
  • Create a record of individual, team & department action plans allowing managers and staff to track and review goals on a regular basis.

This ePIP Job Description module will: 

  • Provide an easy way of creating and maintaining a job description that clearly defines the areas that an individual is responsible for and the competencies needed to deliver the outcomes/KPIs.
  • Allow anytime online access to review and make needed changes to keep the description relevant to reflect the job as it is today.
  • Automatically link the job skills and competencies directly to the myReview 360-surveys and the KPIs to myPlan.
  • Gives the staff the ability to attach notes for possible inclusion and/or changes, to be considered and actioned at the next review.

Keywords: Online Performance Management, Performance Management, Performance Management System,

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human resource management, 360 feedback, training needs, job descriptions, nz - performance management

When implemented, the ePIP system will result in everyone pulling successfully in the same direction, with consistency of operation, and enhancement of learning throughout the organisation. Have a greater understanding of the organisations overall purpose and direction and become a stakeholder in the outcome. The benefits encompass all levels of performance, from strategic goals achievement to individual skills development.


human resource management, 360 feedback, training needs, job descriptions, nz - business planning

The system allows you to not only link goals to the business plan, but also to cascade the organisational, divisional and team plans to individual team members and helps them set goals aligned with these plans. Survey Feedback Reports are collated and delivered automatically to the participant and their manager 7-days before the scheduled review session – online report analysis workbook is provided.