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By: Epip  06-Dec-2011

The following features come standard in the ePIP system: 

  • Fully electronic, automated and web-based.
  • Survey Feedback Reports are collated and delivered automatically to the participant and their manager 7-days before the scheduled review session – online report analysis workbook is provided.
  • All questions can be customised for the organisation based on their own values, competencies and/or work practices - ePIP incorporates an online database of over 350 questions to choose from.
  • Rating criteria can be customised to suit the organisation, for example, "Never to Always" or "Low Competence to Exceeds in Competence" or "Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree".
  • All survey questions not only can be rated, but specific comment can be made on each individual question.
  • Non-rated open questions can also be asked within the survey, eg. "What are three things John could improve?".
  • Each survey question is personalised to the individual and is gender sensitive, for example, one of John's survey statements might read, "John does what he says he will do".
  • Performance % levels can be customised on the feedback report graph, for example, "Low, Medium, High" or "Needs Developing, Competent, Excels".
  • Individual performance can be compared against the survey norm, if the individual is being surveyed as part of a team.
  • The system is transparent to the end user with privacy and confidentiality for individuals.
  • Observers are totally anonymous – there is however an option that allows the Manager to identify himself or herself within the observer group.
  • Participants and observers have access to complete the survey forms 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and from anywhere in the world.
  • The 360-degree performance review process not only links to a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) survey, but will do the TNA for you automatically, producing a number of detailed and useful reports.
  • The system allows you to not only link goals to the business plan, but also to cascade the organisational, divisional and team plans to individual team members and helps them set goals aligned with these plans. These goals are then monitor and manage over the coming business year.
  • Provides an individual participant Goals Scorecard detailing the status of each goal and gives a bottom-line numerical score based on preset customisable criteria.
  • Surveys can be initiated, monitored and controlled by an in-house Coordinator with ongoing Help-desk support.
  • All ePIP software upgrades are free and provided automatically during the term of the user licence.
  • 128 bit encryption and password protected.
  • The escalating reminder system gives a high rate of compliance (95% plus).

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human resource management, 360 feedback, training needs, job descriptions, nz - human resource management

Puts the employee in the driver's seat by providing online survey analysis tools to help them understand their areas of strength and their areas for development and then documenting these for future reference. The ePIP System is currently made up of three independent modules, myReview (360-degree Performance Review & Goal Tracking), myTraining (Training Needs Analysis) and myPlan.


human resource management, 360 feedback, training needs, job descriptions, nz - performance management

When implemented, the ePIP system will result in everyone pulling successfully in the same direction, with consistency of operation, and enhancement of learning throughout the organisation. Have a greater understanding of the organisations overall purpose and direction and become a stakeholder in the outcome. The benefits encompass all levels of performance, from strategic goals achievement to individual skills development.