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Nummy Cupcakes

The fabulous girls at Nummy Cupcakes needed a logo designed that would emulate the gourmet, delicious and whimsical cupcake offerings they create.  See them on Facebook


Quantum Chiropractic

Quantum Chiropractic is a cutting edge, innovative Chiropractic practice with a personality all its own. Quantum takes a unique approach and the collaboration with Nigel yielded memorable, unique results.

"You won't be disappointed, look no further, press play and let Keri work her magic. The unique design we went with in relation to my business was slightly away from the norm. Keri and i discussed the cliche designs, logos that are predominately associated with my industry and we decided to take a different approach. Secondly we decided to adopt a complex and styled logo as opposed to the minimalistic approach commonly adopted by businesses these days. I explained to Keri that I didn't want to try and recreate the next Nike, or Adidas sign, more what reflected our business. So in light of everyone going minimal we went for maximum effect. The end result I have found is that my patients create their own interpretation and story behind the logo and what it means. I found that gave a lot more involvement from them than just likening it to the closest alternative they recognize from an already known branding. Keri from Enigma is a superstar. I recently completed an entire relaunch and rebrand of my business from A-Z. We had to start from a company concept and then create everything from logo, tagline, letterhead, business cards, appointment cards, digital signage and much more. Keri was able to take my minds creative eye, passion, inspiration and make it a reality. I have exceptionally high standards and expect nothing but amazing results. Keri exceeded those expectations on all fronts and I have an end result that gets comments on a regular basis. Keri and I continue to work together on projects and I have already recommended her and Enigma Design to several people/companies. Thank you for your great work once again Keri." -Dr. Nigel Hardy, Quantum Chiropractic

Action Traffic

Action Traffic needed a website and updated print collateral, including business cards, signage, brochures and posters. We used their current logo and colour scheme as a jumping off point and carried the visual language throughout for a consistent look and feel. See


"Like Red Bull Enigma Design gave Action Traffic Control wings- as soon as Keri designed our website our growth boomed. All of a sudden we had an effective communication tool we could use to tender for new business opportunities. Having a professional medium to present our mission, vision, values, services and testimonials not only supported our credibility but also helped define our unique difference in an industry not always renown for professionalism.From a fiscal perspective, the website also reduced unnecessary expenditure; we require less brochures, we send less mail, we spend less time preparing tenders (information in the website is used daily in our proposals). The website has not only affected our ability to communicate to new business clients, it continues to keep our long term valued clients engaged too, they visit the site for information pertaining to their business needs on a regular basis. We had no idea the extent to which Keri's design work would help our business, had we known we would have definitely invested earlier. The money you invest in a website will be worth more than you can imagine; brand wise as much as monetary. Our website (and brochures, business cards, logos, in fact all our design work) definitely lend weight to our position in the market place. Keri has definitely helped Action Traffic achieve it's respected status, we are recognised professionals, and we are valued. There is no other company Action Traffic Control Ltd would choose to work with. Enigma Design is consistent, Keri delivers high quality, professional design work everytime. Keri totally understands what we want to achieve, and there is no doubt Enigma Design is helping Action Traffic fulfill company objectives. Keri is never late with an assignment, we have never been disappointed; in fact we are consistently amazed by her ongoing commitment to meeting our needs. Keri is innovative and technically astute, she is constantly looking at ways to enhance our success, it is because of this solid interest we continue to work with Enigma Design." -Julie Grapengieser-Seaville, Action Traffic Control


Unwind needed brochures communicating the services they offer as well as the experience they can expect to have when coming to the salon. We incorporated their desired colour scheme with emotive images to achieve the end result.

"I use my brochures to attract new clients. Everyone that sees the brochure says it is beautiful and has a calm and relaxing effect, which is what I need for my beauty salon. It also made them interested in trying out my services. Keri was great, very professional and helpful. Any questions or amendments were sorted straight away. I am very pleased with the work done on my brochure, and I have had a great response from clients and have been able to build up my clientele. The brochures have definitely improved and helped with the marketing of my business." -Antoinette Hermann, Unwind

Totara Park Equestrian Centre

Totara Park Equestrian Centre needed a new website that was easy to update and had a fresh look, along with photos of the facility.  Check out 

to see the result.

  "Keri made the website setup really easy and has always been available for ongoing queries and technical assistance. Our new website is much more dynamic than our old one; the ability to easily edit the calendar, website content, update photos and post forms ourselves is fantastic, as previously we had to send requests for changes through to our website designers. This helps us keep our members up to date and allows new members to join easily. The website also has a creative feel and looks great. Keri created a great website for us quickly and presented to a very high standard. Everything that we needed was done in a professional manner and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Enigma to someone else wanting a hassle free website." -Katy McLuckie, Totara Park Equestrian Centre 

Queen Street Chiropractic

A new identity was needed for Queen Street Chiropractic, a world class Chiropractic clinic.  We worked with Jim to create an identity that communicates the experience, knowledge and education the Chiropractors at the clinic possess as well as their  modern approach. "Keri's design work created a consistent, professional package for both Parnell and Queen Street Chiropractors.  She quickly developed a theme and trademark that has worked well in all our signage, print material and website for both offices.  We have received many complements on the design work that we are using.  I have sent quite a few friends to Keri in the past year and have heard great feedback.  Her services are not only artistic and professional but are delivered at an affordable price and is very quick to provide material at a moments notice.  This quality is often a rarity in todays world." -Jim Yates D.C.

Trees for Survival

This image was created to benefit Trees for Survival, an organisation that works with students to re-establish native vegetation and to teach environmental respect.  This image will be printed on t-shirts to increase awareness of the cause.

Trees for Survival

This conceptual image was created to communicate the difference one person can make to the environment.  It was created on behalf of Trees for Survival, an organisation that works with students to re-establish native vegetation and to teach environmental respect.  This image will be printed on t-shirts to increase awareness of the cause.


Karla needed some promotional posters and timetables to communicate the professionalism and uniqueness of her work to her target market. We collaborated closely to achieve the end result.

"Prior to working with Keri on graphic design for my business I had designed my own promotional posters. They were adequate and ordinary. Keri and I were able to work in an easy, positive and collaborative way to create promotional material that is professional, clear and beautiful. Keri is a warm, responsive person, she listens and perceives clearly. Keri’s ability to understand my specific aesthetic and then translate this into promotional material is a blessing! Working with Keri is now an important aspect of communicating information to potential new students. We have over the past few years worked together on a number of key promotional pieces for my business, often for things I have needed in a short time frame; Keri is always receptive, consistent and professional." - Karla Brodie, Karla Brodie Yoga

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