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Hyne IBeams

Q. What is a Hyne I Beam?

A. Hyne I Beam is a unique combination of timber components and advanced technology to form a structurally efficient "I" section.

Q. What are the main uses for Hyne I Beam?

A. A ready available, cost comparative alternative to timber solids, used as floor joists, rafters and purlins.

Q. Are Hyne I Beams available in long lengths?

A. Yes, up to 11.7 meters

Q. Is Hyne I Beam better than solid KD pine?

A. Yes it is because it is readily available from merchants in longer lengths. Timber solids are becoming harder to source and the quality varies a great deal.

Q. Where can I purchase the Hyne range from?

A. Most timber merchants can help you with costings and purchases.

Q. Can I cut holes in Hyne I Beams?

A. Holes can be easily cut through the webs to accommodate services. Holes MUST NOT be cut through the flange. Literature is ready available on line (see our "Dealing with holes brochures")or at your local merchant.

Q. Can Hyne I Beam be treated?

A. Yes we supply Hyne I Beam treated to H3.1 LOSP, note that they are also available untreated.

Hyne Edgebeam

Q. What are the main uses for Hyne Edgebeam LGL?

A. They are ideal as floor joists, bearers, lintels and rafters.

Q. Is Hyne Edgebeam LGL available in long lengths?

A. Yes, up to 11.4 meters.

Q. Can this product be used instead of LVL?

A. Hyne Edgebeam LGL is the laminated solid timber alternative to LVL.

Q. How is Hyne Edgebeam LGL better than solid KD pine?

A. It is a fully engineered product giving superior stiffness and spanability.

Q. Is Hyne Edgebeam LGL an environmentally friendly building product?

A. Yes, it is produced from plantation pine and the process gives superior strength and versatility.

Q. What are the main advantages to builders for using Hyne Edgebeam LGL?

A. Hyne Edgebeam LGL is light, cost effective and easy to work with.

Q. Can Hyne assist with the design application of Edgebeam?

A. The ETS technical sales representative team can provide expert input/feedback on your project.

Keywords: Timber

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