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By: Eco Earth Organics  06-Dec-2011

Earthbound Honey is a small artisan beekeeping business based in the pristine Bethells Valley, North West of Auckland, New Zealand – with its beehives positioned all the way to the edge of the wild west coast of Bethells Beach. Saras and i have found this glorious premium range of raw organic local honey, collected exclusively by bees from the coastal Pohutukawa groves, dense Manuka forests and wildflower pastures. Although the honey is filtered, this process is designed to only remove bees and excess wax - leaving pure raw organic honey. We process our honey this way to ensure the wax, pollens, trace minerals and complex sugars that occur naturally in the honey are never compromised. Earthbound Honey is never heat-treated or pasteurised. If there is any downside to Earthbound Honey, it’s that it can sometimes be hard to get!

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