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By: Eco-decking  06-Dec-2011
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Composite decking and timber decking are very different in nearly all respects. They are specified, quoted, installed and maintained in different ways.

The main points to compare these two materials are: 

     5) The effort required over the lifetime of the products to maintain your deck.

Below is a chart comparing OUTDURE's ECO-DECKING with other composites and timbers.


A benefit of composite decking is that you can easily turn an ordinary decking project into an extraordinary decking project. Because ECO-DECKING has long 4.8m lengths, this reduces the need to for butt joints in your deck design. Timber decks are the fastest degrading component of any new dwelling or building, this makes ECO-DECKING a perfect solution to retain the value of your property by using decking materials that retain their great as new appearance.

     > Very colour fast = retains the value of your home or property

     > Long board lengths = eliminate butt joins = good looking

     > No leeching = No stains on concreate, pavers or paintwork, (not to mention on your clothing or feet)

     > Concealed clip system = Clean aesthetic with no visible fasteners

     > Safe = Non slip, no splinters or chemicals treatments 

     > Perfect for over membrane decks = Local council compliant

     > 60% wider board

Timber can look fantastic if looked after religiously, but can quickly become a liability if left unloved. 


As you can see from the chart below, ECO-DECKING is typically slightly above a hardwood price for materials only. However once laid is more cost effective offering a more cost effective installed price. 


You can use a some easy mathematics to calculate the time savings you can achieve using ECO-DECKING vs timber or bamboo decking. 

CHECK OUT THESE MONEY SAVING FACTS with regards to installation savings:

All of these add up to ECO-DECKING being installed between 4 – 8 times faster than timber:

     > 60% wider ECO-DECKING board = 60% less labour

     > 60% wider ECO-DECKING board = 60% less butt joins

     > 60% wider ECO-DECKING board = 75% less fasteners to be installed

     > No marking holes for pre-drilling,

     > No pre-drilling for surface mounted screws 

     > No nailing

     > No nail punching

     > Perfect for over membrane decks = Council compliant

4) Maintenance comparison between ECO-DECKING and timber or bamboo decking.

Eco-Decking products are not maintenance free, however only require a fraction of the maintenance timber or bamboo decks demand. A very small amount of maintenance will go a long way to retaining the fresh look of your deck.

However, when you lay a timber deck, you have to decide from the day ofinstallation if you will oil or stain your deck, or leave it to weather naturally. 

Timber and bamboo decking require religious maintenance to slow the decay process, especially in wet climates 

5) The effort required over the lifetime of the products to maintain your deck.

If you choose a timber deck ensure you have the time, money and energy to religiously maintain it. Timber decks look great when oiled on a regular basis. If you do choose a timber deck our recommendation is to oil it not stain it for a number of reasons outlined in our how to section.

     > Low maintenance = Free weekends!

     > Less Hassle = Less money

     > Eco-friendly = No leeching of treatment chemicals

     > Recycled and recyclable = Your best sustainable decking option

     > Does not contribute to deforestation

     > Recycled packaging and ECO other efforts

A great attribute of ECO-DEKCING vs timber or bamboo decking is you actually use less product .

Timber decking and bamboo decking have a minimum waste factor of 15% vs ECO-DECKING’s 3-5%.

Waste is made up from:

     > Cut waste for timber in 300mm incriments vs 400 joist centres

     > Truck damage during tipping

     > Strapping damage 

     > Colour variation

     > Guage or width variation

     > Short lengths

     > Knots or sap damage

     > Warped timber

     > Split lengths

We hope this has answered some of your questions. 

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