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By: Eclipse Consulting  06-Dec-2011

We believe that the determined and persistent drive for improvement in all areas of a business provides the foundation for that business to sustain and expand its competitive advantage. Read on to find out how our Solutions can help your business.


Strategy is the ACTION that is needed to realise the VISION and GOALS that you have for your business. A very simple explanation, but not so simple in practice. We will help you to develop business strategies, using a range of tools and techniques, that will connect your Vision and Goals with the People in your business and with your Customers.


Marketing is the means by which you COMMUNICATE with your CUSTOMERS. The clarity of the messages you want your customers to receive is of foremost importance. The timing and frequency of those messages, and the choice of mediums to use, combine to make your communication as effective as it possibly can be. We will help you to refine and improve the effectiveness of your customer communications.


Operations is the engine room where your business PROCESSES convert strategy into VALUE. What makes your business different from your competitors is not just what you do, it is how well you do it. We will help you to tune your business processes to create more customer value with the resources you already have in your business.


Your People are the PERSONALITY of your business - the CULTURE that attracts the best to your organisation and keeps them. The willingness and ability of your people to continue to learn and adapt to the ever changing needs of your customers is the ultimate advantage. We will help you to define and create the culture that you want for your business, the personality that will relate with and capture your customers.

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