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By: Ebreez  06-Dec-2011

IDIOM provides tools to enable business to make changes to their systems at a speed they require.

IDIOM Decision Server technology provides for the implementation of Business Rules technologies with existing architectures and well as the engineering of new systems using the technology.

We believe technology of this sort can provide us as systems developers with huge productivity advantages, while providing our customers with applications that enable change at a speed that provides a competitive advantage.
The Technology is currently being used by several industries and IDIOM already has a large customer base in New Zealand, Australia and their first sites in USA.

Several of the largest Insurance companies in Australia and New Zealand provide Rating and Underwriting Decision Making both across the web and imbedded in the core applications.

Several District Health Boards in New Zealand are using the Technology to assist in funding management.

Talk to us if you think this technology could assist you business.

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A breeze to deal with - Overview IT Strategy and EA

The focus on Enterprise Architecture is increasing as organisations seek to optimise their existing and planned IT investment through improved integration of business and IT strategies. Our services can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations and can be adapted and applied to small, medium and large multi-divisional companies.


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At eBreez our consultants offer a rare blend of management experience, business acumen, large-scale IT systems know-how, and a track record of effectively applying Enterprise Architecture processes for similarly large organisations. These consultants are supported by a world-class team who are constantly expanding our knowledge base and honing a preferred methodology.


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Transition Action Plan - Development of a transition plan, with a two to three year outlook, that will enable the organisation to transition from the current state to the agreed target state, based on gaps identified, business priorities and dependencies. Our approach, while informed by your strategic organisational goals, is to make defined incremental steps in evolving your architecture capability.


A breeze to deal with - EA Knowledge Base

A Comparative Survey of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - Jaap Schekkerman. Standards and Architectures for eGovernment Applications - SAGA. EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Industry Consortium. Department of Defence Architecture Framework - DoDAF 2003. Related Architecture Methodologies and Standards. The Business Process Management Initiative. The Open Group Architecture Forum.