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By: East Care Physiotherapists  06-Dec-2011

Your physiotherapist is a health professional who will help you establish and maintain a healthy active lifestyle, especially when your movement and function have been impaired by injury, aging, disability or disease.

The physiotherapy process involves assessment, diagnosis, planning and treatment or rehabilitation. Your physiotherapy may be provided in the clinic, a gym, pool or your home.

Our location within East Care provides you with quick and convenient access to medical, radiology, and pharmacy services, and we have a close working relationship with GP members and visiting specialists, should you require referral to a Specialist.What to expect from your consultation Your first appointment may last 40 minutes, and will involve an interview to take a medical history as well as a physical examination.  From this assessment, you and your physiotherapist will set treatment goals to restore or develop your potential.  Your physiotherapist will then discuss the proposed treatment, likely outcomes and probable time frames with you. 

You are welcome to ask questions so that you can make informed choices about your treatment. You may decline any treatment/s you do not wish to consent to, and have the right to do so at any time. Wear clothes that you will be comfortable to move in.
 You are welcome to bring friends or family with you.
 Please bring along any other important information, such as a letter from your doctor or X-rays.
Subsequent visits usually take 20 minutes.

Your treatment may include:

• Injury management education
• Joint mobilisation or manipulation
• Exercises
• Acupuncture
• Massage
• Rehabilitation or an activity programme
• Injury prevention education
• Lifestyle advice to help control your chronic health problems
• Liaison with, and referral on to specialist services when appropriateConditions physiotherapy can helpClick on the links below for further information about the use of physiotherapy for particular conditions, and areas of concern:• 
• Joint injuries and fractures

Further Information If you don’t understand a procedure or exercise, please ask your physiotherapist to explain it further or demonstrate it.

If you have any side-effects from your treatment, please let your physiotherapist know immediately.

If you have any changes to your medical or general condition during your course of treatment, such as pregnancy, illness or prescribed drugs, make sure you tell your physiotherapist.

If you are concerned about your progress, we will arrange for a second opinion either within, or external to our clinic.

Your rights and responsibilities

As a patient at East Care Physiotherapy, you will be treated in accordance with the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights and the Health Information Privacy Code.

Your Rights:• Right to be treated with respect
• Right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation
• Right to dignity and independence
• Right to services of an appropriate standard
• Right to effective communication
• Right to be fully informed
• Right to make an informed choice and give informed consent
• Right to support
• Rights in respect of teaching or research
• Right to complain

Your responsibilities include providing accurate information, attending appointments on time and giving sufficient notice if unable to do so.

Comments and complaints
If you have concerns about any aspect of your treatment you may discuss them with your physiotherapist, or you are welcome to contact Rick Knight (Principal Physiotherapist).

Alternatively, you can contact the on 04 801 6500, the on 04 471 2610, or the  on 0800 112233.  This may be done anonymously if you prefer.

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