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By: Earthling  05-Apr-2012
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HiPower New Energy

LiFePO4 - Battery Management Systems (BMS) - Integrated Chargers

Spec Sheets

100AH LiFePO4 Battery System

300AH LiFePO4 Battery System

12V 40AH LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell

12V 60AH LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell


HiPower E-Porta-PWR 2KWH



Battery Management System

Mini BMS

HousePower BMS

2000W Chargers

100AH LifePO4 cells(in-stock)

Ideal for boats, EV cars, RV motor homes. The smaller physical size allows more flexibility to create higher voltages and easily increased AH capacities in tight spaces.

20AH,40AH,60AH,80AH,120AH, 180AH, 200AH also available

300AH LiFePO4 Cells (in-stock)

Specifically designed for backup and off-grid systems, used by Telecom China. The larger cells require less BMS for a more simple installation where location is not tight and expansion can be in large portions.

20AH,40AH,60AH,80AH,120AH,200AH also available

12V 40AH LiFePO4 Cells (in-stock)

Car battery pack: long life cycle, fast charging. Good performance in hot/cold temperature working conditions.

Life span: 6-10 years

Weight: 7KG

Dim: 260x173x225mm



12V 60AH LiFePO4 Cells (in-stock)

High power battery pack + battery management system + charger, as all-in-one solution

Life span: 6-10 years

Weight: 11.4KG

Dim: 355x175x190mm




HiPower E-Porta-PWR 2KWH

E-PortaPWR pack can be handled by one person, makes no noise and is easy to stow.

-Ideal to take camping or boating.







BMS fully integrated with CanBus (in-stock)

Links controllers-chargers and distributed Data collection on a serial network with CanBus protocol to third party devices. Most suited to EV applications where accurate information is important


Mini BMS (Battery Management System) (in-stock)

Mini BMS has been developed to be a reliable and cost effective solution. Most basic functions are implemented via a simple analogue circuit and one wire interface. The distributed arrangement is easily installed directly across battery cells.


HousePower BMS

Designed for 12V or 24V LifePO4 battery banks, replacing Lead Acid in home, marine and RV applications with minimal changes to existing systems and wiring. Less than 300ma operating current = low parasitic load.

2000W Chargers (in-stock) 3000W & 4000W available

Built specifically for the HiPower systems these charges integrate with the BMS system




































Lynch Permanent Magnet (PM)

Pancake DC Brushed Motor Generator

Specification Table

There is a large selection to match your application. Three frame sizes and various KW and RPM options

Generator Graph

Graph shows a 200 series motorgenerating at 48V, however all the motors will generate. Selection of the correct motor-generator for the application is important

Lynch 2x2 setup

The permanent magnetseries motors can be connected in parallel to double output. It is possible to drive from a single controller provided that it is specified correctly.

Motor dimensions

The Lynch motors offer the best power to weight currently available with a motor capable of 18KW continuous weighing only 12KG. Frames are very compact.










































Brushless DC, 3 Phase Motors / Generators


8 KW Hub Motor (in Stock)

These powerful hub motors offer efficient smooth operation, where light loads allow the direct action. Capable of driving a 15inch wheel at 160KPH. Torque once underway is good however there are limitations to unassisted takeoff from standstill.


5KW air cooled and 10KW Water Cooled BLDC (both in Stock)

This currently is the most powerful BLDC we can source Capable of delivering 20KW. Water resistant and stainless steel shaft make it ideal for our marine applications.


10KW BLDC Motor Drawing

Weight 17KG, compact design

Warp 9 Motor

Is a 9.25" diameter, series wound DC motor with a double ended shaft






Model: MagicPie Hub Motor

Programmable built-in controller Accept versatile voltages: 24/36/48V

Regen braking and cruise control 60mm thin hub for common bike frames Support disc-brake and 7-speed sprocket. Power Rating: 250W-1000W Weight: 7.5 Kgs (including internal controller)

36V Pack product Characteristics:

Large and safe LiFePO4 cells inside Compact in size and light weight BMS manages each cell for high reliability Extra long cycle life - 5 times life of Lead Acid and 2 times of NiMH Extremely safe: no explosion, no fire under collision, over charged or short circuit






























































Controllers - Chargers- DC/DC converters

KBL09401B,24-96V,400A,BLDC Controller/With Regenerative brake.

We generally use this for the 10KW BLDC applications

High Efficiency KDH14801E,24-144V,800A PM with Regenerative brake

We generally use this for the Lynch series PM pancake motor applications

Model: HPC300A/HPC500A -- Brushless Motor Controller

Voltage Range:24V/36V/48V/72V Rated Power (Max):300A/500A Weight:3.3Kgs/4.2kgs Features: Fuse breaker, Regenerative Braking, Temperature sensoring, Nano-second high current sampling

We generally use this with the 5000W BLDC applications

HWC4 Series 96V/25A 220v Input Charger (in stock)

We have many LifePO4 chargers in stock from 5A to 30A 230V

12VDC to 115VDC and above by request



Portable, Foldable Solar Chargers (36V/48V 80W)

Ideal camping, RV, Touring Cycles ideal fr charging 36V pack above

HWZ Series DC/DC Converter 96V to 12V 300W (in stock)

We can supply a range of DC/DC converters to suit your application

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