Venetian Masquerade Masks

By: Dream of Italy  06-Dec-2011

Over 500 authentic masquerade masks to choose from! Handcrafted in Venice, Italy.

We have

New Zealand's largest range

of authentic handcrafted Venetian masks imported from Venice. Whether you are attending a masquerade event or want a beautiful piece of art for your home, we are sure you will find an eye-catching mask that’s just right for you!  We are experienced in shipping our masks around New Zealand and the world - if you're in Auckland you can come and see the whole selection at our shop at 413 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden Village.

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Dream of Italy - quality products from the heart of Italy to your home

Here is a picture of a lovely young lady who won "Queen of the Ball" wearing a Dream of Italy Colombina Feather Mask. Feather colombina masks can create a stunning impact at a masquerade ball. These genuine Venetian masks, hand-made in Italy are are real statement.


Venetian Carnival Masks Colombine Series

Colombina aided her mistress (the innamorata) to gain the affections of her one true love by manipulating Arlecchino and counter plotting against Pantalone while simultaneously managing the whereabouts of the innamorato. Columbina translates from Italian as "little dove" and her character in Commedia dell'arte was usually dressed in a ragged and patched dress appropriate to a hired servant.


Venice Carnival Masks - Feather Masks

Please browse our extensive selection of over 100 feather masks - there will be one there with the colours and theme you are looking for. Venetian craftsmen and women use the elements to stunning effect to produce masks that generally evoke a "WOW!. Feather masks can be worn to your masquerade event and/or can be a stunning decoration in your home. Each mask is a genuine original, hand made in Venice, Italy.