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Brushes are a very important element in painting, so it is worth buying the best quality that you can afford. The cheaper brushes are often a false economy, as they do not perform well and quickly wear out.


Haydn Brushes:

Ron Gribble

Draw Art Supplies Stock

Air Brushes
Lenco Air Brushes
Paasche Air Brush Sets
Sparmax Compressor

Assted Hair Brushes
Artist Watercolour Series 246F Brush
Drawell Deer foot Stippler Round Brush

Assted Hair Mop Brushes
Daler-Rowney Series 63 & 66 Brushes

Assted Hair Round Brushes
Artist Watercolour Series 245-R
Drawell Series 61-2 Round

DAS Series 100 Bamboo Brushes
Maries Bamboo Brushes

Royal Brush Sets (11 set in selection)
Utility Assorted Brush Sets (10 in Selection) Recommended

Gare, Draw Art Supplies carry the full selection of Gare brushes over 25 series of brushes

Foam Sponge Brushes
Foam Sponge Roller Brushes

DAS, Series 755 Mop
Daler-Rowney Series 34G White Goat Hair Mop
DAS Hake Brush
Drawell Series 196 Hake Brush

Daler-Rowney Bristlewhite Series B84 Fan Brush
Daler-Rowney Series 1020 Fan Brush
Drawell Series 201KB Bright Brush
Haydn Hi Lite Brush
Squirrel (Brand Name) Series 646 Fan Brush

Hog Hair Filbert Brushes
Daler-Rowney Bristlewhite Series B12
DAS Series 799 Filbert Hog Bristle
Drawell Series 201KF Filbert

Hog Hair Flat Brushes
Daler-Rowney Bristlewhite Series B48 Long Flat
DAS Series 577F Flat Short Handle
DAS Series 579F Long Handle
DAS Series 691 Flat Medium
Squirrel (Brand) Series 642F
Squirrel (Brand) Series 752F

Hog Hair Round Brushes
DAS Series 582R
Drawell Series 201KR
Squirrel (Brand) Series 648R Round

Hog Hair Stencil Brushes

Hog Hair Stubby Brush
DAS Series 579F Flat Stubby
DAS Series 579R Round Stubby
DAS Series 579CS Flat Coloured Handle
DAS Series 582CS Round Coloured Handle
Rubens Mini Round Stubby Brush

Royal Series 660 Deer foot Brush
Royal Series 725 Flat Glaze
Royal Series 750 Firm Glaze
Royal Series 775 Soft Glaze Brush

Sable Asst. Brushes

Royal Series 125 Sable Shader

Sable Round Brushes
DAS Series 411 Round
Daler-Rowney Diana Series Round
Daler-Rowney Series 43 Designer
Daler-Rowney Series 40 Round
Royal Series 225 Round

Speciality Brushes
Royal Series 998 Duster Brush

Squirrel Hair Brush
DAS Series 716 Watercolour Flat
Daler-Rowney Series 28 Wash Brush
Haydn Guilders Tip Brush

Synthetic Brushes Asst.
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D77 Watercolour Brush
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D99 Rigger Brush
DAS Series 2630-BS Bright
DAS Series 2930 Triangle Shaped Ferrule
DAS Series 9950 Angular Brush
DAS Series 9970 Dagger Brush
Drawell Series 30-2 Golden Nylon Lettering
Drawell Series 301 Gold Nylon Angular Brush
Drawell Series 40-1 Golden Nylon Cut-Liner
Royal Series 160 Angular Brush
Royal Series 190 Dagger Brush
Royal Series 650 Deer foot
Royal Series 730 Comb Brush
Royal Series 180 Triangular Brush

Synthetic Fan Brush
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D55 Long Handle
DAS Series 9920 Fan Brush
Drawell Series 44-4 Golden Nylon Filbert Brush
Royal Series 170 Filbert Brush
Royal Series 930 Filbert Comb

Synthetic Flat Brushes
Daler-Rowney Cryla Series C25 Long Handle
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D44 Long Handle Flat
DAS Series 9801 Flat Shader Taklon
DAS Series 9860 Taklon Flat
Drawell Series 107F Long Handle Flat
Drawell Series 2002Wn Golden Nylon Flat Brush
Drawell Series 22-2 Long Handle Flat Brush
Drawell Series 23-2 Flat Brush
Drawell Series 300 Short Handle Flat Brush
Royal 150 Shader Brush
Royal Series 150-S Chisel Blender Brush

Synthetic Round Brushes
Daler-Rowney Cryla Series C10 Short Handle
Daler-Rowney Cryla Series C20 Long Handle
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D66 Long Handle
DAS Series 9701 Round Taklon
DAS Series 9901 Round Taklon
Drawell Series 11-2 Pointed Round Brush
Drawell Series 2001B Golden Nylon Round
Royal Series 250 Round
Royal Series 589 Fabric Painting Liner
Royal Series 595 Liner Brush
Royal Series 585 Script Liner Brush

Daler-Rowney Cryla Series C15 Short Handle
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D22 Wash Brush
Daler-Rowney Dalon Series D88 Wash/One Stroke Brush
DAS Series 4660 Mop Brush
Royal Series 700 Glaze/Wash Brush
Royal Series 711 One Stroke Golden Taklon Brush

Keywords: Art Supplies, Brushes, Daler-Rowney

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