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By: Draper Enterprises  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Lids, Water Meters, Water Meter

PATENT 520923
  • robust yet lightweight design for easy installation
  • designed to withstand light vehicular loads and pressures created by compacted backfill
  • the lid is secured to the body by a galvanised chain combined with 316 stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • all boxes are made from uv resistant, high impact, high density polyethylene
  • the lids are also available in several colours including black, blue, green and yellow
  • customised logos are available
  • an aluminium pin is attached to the underside of the lid for location purposes
  • large clear opening for easy access
  • base 150mm deep
  • base available if required
  • in kitset form which reduces the cost of cartage

Measurements - Four height options:

  1. using DRA100 = 258mm
  2. using DRA200 = 308mm
  3. using DRA30 = 375mm
  4. using DRA40 = 430mm

DRA100 - reverse taper 150mm extension multiple water-meter installations.

DRA102 - modular base adaptor for 150mm extension multiple water-meter installations.


Rises of 50ml & 100ml on suitable clipping onto. Suitable for: water meters, gas electricity, fire hydrants & irrigation equipment.

DRA200 - tall profile 150mm. Suitable for use with manifold and inline water meters.

Bottom: 50 mm x 510 mm
Height: 150 mm

DRA300 - low profile 100mm. Suitable for use with bulk water meters, fire hydrants, irrigation equipment and any other product requiring protection from surface traffic.

Bottom: 100 mm x 510 mm
Height: 100 mm

WATER METER box lids are available in blue, black or green or colour of your choice.

FIRE HYDRANT box lids are available in Yellow*.

IRRIGATION box lids are available in Green.

Registration of design:

24434 Standard, 25339 Reversed Taper.

Quality Assured!

Keywords: Lids, Water Meter, Water Meters