STRATIS™ RACINGAdvanced sail technology for unsurpassed performance

By: Doyle Sails  06-Dec-2011

Stratis™ combines Doyle’s long standing design expertise with innovative in-house fibre aligned technology. Specialised design and manufacture deliver unsurpassed shape retention and performance throughout the most demanding race conditions.

Stratis™ advanced fibre-aligned sails make load-path technology available to the racer and cruiser racer alike.

Combining world-leading design with innovative engineering and materials technology, Stratis™ sail laminates are custom designed and manufactured to the individual specifications of each sail.

Stratis™ sail laminates are stronger, hold their shape better, with much less stretch and are significantly lighter than conventional panel sails.

Stratis™ custom designed, fibre aligned sail technology is now available to all sailors, not just Grand Prix racers.

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Powerful performance with better shape retention, higher strength and greater durability

The ultimate in high performance cruising sails, delivering competition level performance, combined with durability, for years of easy handling and trouble free sailing. Sails fabricated in the conventional method by cutting and placing many separate panels, can only approximate the different load paths of a sail. Advanced technology enables full load path fibre layouts to be mapped to each reef point on both mainsails and furling headsails.


Doyle Sails

Here at Doyle Sailmakers, we have built our reputation on some basic, but fundamental principals; Good designs, the best available materials and impeccable attention to detail. Our personal service and after sales support ensure that purchasing your sail from Doyle Sailmakers will be an enjoyable experience. Our unswerving commitment to these attributes ensures that Doyle Sailmakers remain the world leader in the cruising market.


Doyle Sails - materials

The combination of Twaron and Vectran Yarns, with layers of Taffeta laminated on both sides of the sail, offers you the ultimate combination of strength, durability and resistance to stretch. CL Mylar is a very popular choice for performance cruising boats up to about 50’, while CL Spectra is more popular on larger boats where long term durability is desired.


Doyle Sails - mainsails

In-Boom Furling Units are becoming more and more popular on mid-size and larger cruising yachts, where they offer the opportunity to have a fully automated furling system without compromising the sail area or performance of the Mainsail. Fully battened mainsails are an excellent choice for cruising sails, as they help prolong the life of the sail through reduced flogging when raising, lowering and tacking the sail.