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By: Dome Cosmetics  05-Apr-2012

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Now for the first time Monofibre is available in six exciting pre-mixed colours. Monofibre Premix cuts out wastage and time as the colours are ready to use. Monofibre is to hair as lycra is to synthetic.

The Starter Collection:

The Complete Starter Collection has all the essential tools needed to launch the Monofibre Extension service.

This includes the equipment; C2 application tool and range of Monofibre, aftercare and styling products, as well as promotional and training material.

The Monofibre Starter Collection is all the stylist will need to be able to launch a successful Monofibre Extension Service.  It not only provides the equipment for the service but also a full range of after service products.

Dome offers all the necessary products required to offer the Monofibre Extension service.


Monofibre is the brand-leading product for professional extensions, designed specifically to be superior to natural hair. Its soft silky lustre is continuous.

There are 18 different colours allowing you to mix an infinite range of shades. There are two textures of Monofibre, Classic, for a natural look and Wave, for curl. Monofibre comes in bags of 100 grams, 30"/ 76cm long.

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You will then be ready to "enhance" your business by offering this unique new service to all your clients. With the Prolin Starter Collection a salon can be up and running in minutes. In fact everything you need to make the Prolin Enhancer service successful. Dome offers a comprehensive range of promotional material such as posters. All you need to do is watch the Prolin DVD.