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By: Ditch Witch New Zealand  05-Apr-2012

Following an acquisition in 2010, Ditch Witch and HammerHead have come together to
offer a full suite of trenchless equipment.  

Since 1989, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has been providing the underground construction industry innovative trenchless equipment and solutions. In 2010, The Charles Machine Works, Inc. (CMW), manufacturer of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, acquired 100 per cent ownership of HammerHead Trenchless Equipment.  

“Our decision to acquire HammerHead was based on our long-term, strategic commitment to grow our core business,” said Tiffany Sewell-Howard, CEO of CMW. “We plan to fully leverage HammerHead’s products and expertise to strengthen our position in the water and sewer rehabilitation markets globally. “Both organisations have spent years developing customer confidence in our brands,” said Brian Metcalf, CEO of HammerHead. “Joining together reaffirms a commitment our customers can depend on.”  

Shortly after the acquisition, HammerHead began the process of setting up authorised dealers within the Ditch Witch organisation worldwide, including Ditch Witch New Zealand, to distribute its line of trenchless equipment. HammerHead and Ditch Witch New Zealand both expressed excitement and confidence that this partnership will ensure long-term sustainability and market leadership.  

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment manufactures a full line of trenchless equipment including the following:  

  •  A collection of 22 piercing tool models ranging from 50 to 145 mm, including Catamount, the world’s easiest starting piercing tool with unsurpassed power for tougher working conditions.
  •  Downhole tooling including Trihawk, Spinelok and Hawkeye, available for all major drill manufacturers including Ditch Witch and Vermeer.
  •  Static pipe bursting systems ranging from 27 to 159 tones, capable of replacing fracturable and non-fracturable pipes for sewer, water and gas underground infrastructure from 50 to 600 mm.
  •  Pneumatic pipe bursting systems ranging from 130 to 600 mm, capable of replacing fracturable pipes from 150 to 900 mm.
  •  Pipe ramming systems ranging from 100 to 600 mm capable of trenchless installation of steel casings from 50 to 1,800 mm. In addition, these hammers are also used in a variety of other processes to assist horizontal directional drilling.  

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