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By: Disaster Recovery Group  06-Dec-2011
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Managed Offsite Backup Vs. Tape-Based Backup

Tape backup is responsible for more problems than many companies would like to admit. Storage Magazine reports that over 34% of companies do not test their backups – and of those that tested, 77% found their tape backups fail to restore.

Vulnerable to human errors from accidentally writing-over data to losing tapes, this outdated backup process has been plagued by failure. The medium itself ages and breaks.Are you confident that your critical data is safe and easily accessible? Are you happy with the amount of time you’re devoting to backups, restores, and archives?With rising concerns associated with self-managed data protection – including equipment costs and maintenance, disaster recovery readiness, regulatory compliance, and more – Disaster Recovery Group’s online data backup and recovery services offer quick and simple service setup, unparalleled security, and redundancy on multiple levels.

Secure, Automated Offsite Data Backup Services

Disaster Recovery Group’s offsite data backup services deliver advanced data protection that combines data backup and offsite storage into one automated step by simply installing software and leveraging existing Internet connectivity. With disciplined, automated offsite backup, expert technical support, and disk-based recovery devices, you can focus on core competencies knowing your business is fully protected.

Subsequent to the first backup, changed data is detected and is the only data to be transferred and compressed before being stored in our secure datacentres. Since changed data typically represents a few percent of native data, this process greatly reduces backup windows. Integrity checks and email notification complete the process.Backup data is stored on industry-leading disk arrays located in state-of-the-art co-location facilities. Each datacentre is monitored and equipped with redundant power and telecommunication supplies, climate controls, and fire suppression systems.

Disk-Based Recovery: Fast, Reliable, & Secure

Disk-based recovery saves time and money compared to tape-based backup and recovery solutions. For most restores, backup data is accessible at any time from anywhere.

DRG disk based recovery vs. tape recovery advantages:
DRGroupTape Based
Between 30 to 40 minutes per server from disk.NB:Server recovery is concurrent for multiple failures. From 6 to 12 hours per server via a magnetic tape.NB:Server recovery is sequential for multiple failures (i.e. one server at a time)

Managed Online backup and recovery vs. tape advantages:

Advantages of Managed Solutions

  • Complete Automation & Immediate Restores: Allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives, Disaster Recovery Group’s offsite services simplify and automate backup and replication while dramatically improving the reliability of restores.
  • No Tape Failure, Investment, or Management: With no capital equipment costs, maintenance, or labour commitment – not to mention tape failure – Disaster Recovery Group’s online, offsite data protection services offer significant advantages over tape.
  • Expert Support: Disaster Recovery Group’s unparalleled technical support includes installation and client training, and more.

Secure Full Backup and Recovery Features::

Fully-managed backup and recovery service:
Disaster Recovery Group’s managed backup and recovery service eliminates the headaches of trying to build it yourself. There is no equipment or software to purchase and nothing for your staff to maintain.

Disciplined, automated process:
Your data is backed up and secured offsite in one continuous, automated process that happens like clock-work, at pre-set intervals.Offsite data storage:
Disaster Recovery Group stores your data in a world-class secured and with full redundancy datacenter, accessible 24/7.Secured VPN with end-to-end encryption: Data is automatically encrypted before it is transmitted. It remains encrypted while in storage or in flight. Only our selected personnel have access to the deciphering code.Delta Processing:
Disaster Recovery Group detects and transmits changes in the server rather than retransmitting entire files. This adds another extra layer in the security as the delta files are meaningless without the rest of the main data.

Keywords: Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Tape

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