Digitalweld - MMA

By: Digitalweld  06-Dec-2011

  • Robust - small and portable
  • Output up to 250 A
  • Welds rutile, basic and cellulose electrodes up to 5.0 mm

 The TransPocket 2500 is a fully digitally controlled manual electrode power source with resonant intelligence. The ideal characteristic ensures the arc is always stable, even for example at mains voltages of up to 100 metres, or with fluctuating mains voltages (340 to 506 V) and during generator operation.

 The TransPocket 2500 is guaranteed to weld all electrode types up to 5 mm, including the vertical-down welding of cellulose electrodes. It is extremely robust and yet small, light and portable.

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Digitalweld - Services

Demonstrations of all welding equipment by industry trained specialists throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Technical advice for all maintenance repair welding solutions, applications and processes. On-site Fronius service technician for efficent welding equipment repair and service. Exclusive sale point for and Fronius and Eutectic+Castolin Welding Products.


Digitalweld - Regulators

The TORNADO single stage, spring-loaded regulator with flow meter is a time and industry proven design that has evolved from more than 100 years of Messer German engineering experience and technology to ensure the accurate control of industrial gases with minimum outlet pressure fluctuations and stable flow rates.


Digitalweld - Tungsten Grinders

Ultima-TIG is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects all toxic dust particles in a liquid medium, eliminating the need for separate exhaust systems. The patented wet grinder Ultima-TIG demonstrates an eco-friendly way to perfect accurate angles on tungsten electrodes – and therefore perfect TIG welding. A combined electrode gauge and locking device, ensuring minimal removal of electrode during grinding.


Digitalweld - MIG Wire

The innovative composition, with carbon and manganese added to a ferro-nickel base, gives a slag-free deposit with exceptionally good mechanical properties. Specifically developed for low heat input semi-automatic joining, rebuilding and anti-wear protective coatings of cast iron. It can also be used to join cast iron to steels.