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By: Digital Exchange  06-Dec-2011
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We can provide a wide range of Fully Hosted Business Solutions.

From simple Web Site Hosting to the most complex eCommerce Applications all in a secure and cost effective way. Here is some of the things we do.

Look after your e-mail needs.
Build, support and maintain your web site.
Build, support and maintain your online shop.
Build and develop a total business system that is customised exclusively to your business-what ever your business.
Broadcast bills, accounts, statements, in fact any information you want to send to, or receive from your clients. And we do all this for a surprisingly low cost to you! Because we believe that the help we provide is going to increase your efficiencies, decrease your costs and put more on the bottom line. Creating a web site can be cumbersome and expensive, to say the least. Do you have the right hardware? is your internet connection up to it? what software do I need? What support do I have? Well there is no need for you to worry about this anymore.

At Digital Exchange we specialise in creating and looking after (hosting) web sites.

This means that we have all the right hardware, the correct software, very fast internet connections and most importantly we support and look after them like they were our own.

No matter how small or how big and complex, we believe we have a solution that's right for you!

There are many features that you can choose that customises your web site to how you want it to perform. Some of these features include;
  • Having your own Domain name. www."your name"
  • Domain Name primary and secondary hosting, having a back up system for your site.
  • Online shop
  • Interaction with your accounting software.
  • Reporting on activities.
  • Personalised programs.
  • Trading with your suppliers.
  • Permanent IP address.
  • Front page access.

We have high speed internet connections, the latest software and plenty of big hardware capable of the smallest to the largest of sites. We also have a very competent team of developers that can create solutions for almost every need.

Keywords: Fast Internet, Hardware, Internet Connections, Web Site, Web Site Hosting