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By: Design2cam  06-Dec-2011
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Do you know how long each process of building your items take?

Do you know exactly how many sheets of board are required for the project?

Do you have accurate cutting patterns for those sheets?

Do you have to manually price your buy-in (Pre Made) doors and panels?

Do you have to work out your supplier orders?

How would you like this to all be calculated and done for you from your drawing?

PROCentre has been developed by cabinetmakers in New Zealand and Australia to enhance and compliment PRO100 by producing the manufacturing information required for the Australasian markets.

PROCentre is fully integrated with the PRO100 3d design program to provide a seamless process to take a drawing from design to production.

PROCentre allows for all parts to have edging associated to them, you can even have a different edge type on all four edges of a part, which is then calculated to give the total edging required.

PROCentre allows for each part to have times associated to it, these times are what creates the project time, so if a new part is added or a part deleted from the drawing PROCentre adjusts the time accordingly.

Design2cam are proud to be associated with ARDIS, a well known and powerful optimisation program. ARDIS has been fully integrated into PROCentre and automatically calculates the board and edge requirements for the project. This means that you are certain that you have priced for the correct amount of board and edging. No more finding that the last piece you have to cut does not fit onto the piece of board you have left (Because you worked it out on square metres?).

If you have a computerised saw you can always upgrade ARDIS to link directly with it and send the patterns straight to it, saving even more time and errors?

If you select to use a Pre Made door in PRO100, PROCentre recognises this and allows you to select the manufacturer (if the price matrix has been loaded) and the style, and then calculates the price and sizes required, all at the click of a button .. how much time can this save!

PROCentre allows you to add additional items that cannot be added on the drawing such as installation, bench tops, old kitchen removal, etc.

All cost pricing is accessed via a login screen so that you can set your own price margins, labour times, etc.

Keywords: Drawing

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You can use PRO100 to create furniture "from scratch", create your own catalogues, plan the supplies, arrange interiors and support your direct sales - in all of these stages PRO100 gives you an instant visualisation, different views, calculations and reports. PRO100 is useful in all stages of furniture manufacturing, where the user wants to introduce modernisations making use of computer technology.


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Please note that these reports can also be exported to a CSV or TXT file for further manipulation in other programs. This is a report of the pricing for the design with discounts applied, also showing the price plus GST. This is a report of the pricing for the deisgn showing the price plus GST. This report lists the hardward required for the design. Sample Reports Available Directly From PRO100.


3D Design Software - Design 2 CAM Limited - Products - reports

This report lists the materials required for the carcass by cabinet including edges required. This report lists the cost and retail pricing of each pre-made item for the project. This is a sample of the print out of the optimised sheet layouts for the project. This is an order that is generated for each supplier for the required design. This report is a summary of the cost and retail price of the design.