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By: Design2cam  06-Dec-2011
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    3D Design and Manufacturing Software

How many times have you been told by a software supplier that their 3D design software is user friendly and easy to use??

And how many times has it turned out to be untrue??

Well, PRO100 is user friendly and easy to use and we guarantee it!!

PRO100 is incredibly user friendly software for creating 3D kitchens, 3D furniture, and interior designs.  Based around the familiar Microsoft Windows environment, the easy to use interface is simplistic and intuitive.

PRO100 is useful in all stages of furniture manufacturing, where the user wants to introduce modernisations making use of computer technology.  You can use PRO100 to create furniture "from scratch", create your own catalogues, plan the supplies, arrange interiors and support your direct sales - in all of these stages PRO100 gives you an instant visualisation, different views, calculations and reports.

That's why PRO100 turns out to be useful for small companies and showrooms as well as for huge manufacturers that own shop chains and big factories.  Ease of use (most of the operations can be done with a mouse), high speed and constant possibility of introducing changes into the project make life much easier for furniture manufacturers and retailers.


  • possibility of different interior types of design (kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, office..)
  • instant 3D work
  • quick, instant, high quality 3D visualisations
  • seven different scene views combined with different display modes
  • incredibly user friendly interface
  • easy 3D models catalogue creation possibility
  • easy texture catalogue creation and edition
  • program and catalogue customisation possibility
  • manufacturing reports - cutlist, elements list, material consumption
  • free demo version for tests

PRO100 is a completely independent application.  Working with PRO100 is like creating real furniture - the user operates on the furniture elements (pieces), arranging them in the virtual space as if they were real.  You can create your own catalogues of pieces, ready furniture and materials or take advantage of the catalogues included. PRO100 is an all-purpose tool for producers and designers of any kind of furniture - kitchen furniture, office furniture, house furniture, non-standard furniture, and garden furniture, etc .. (there are even fireplace designers among our customers).

Most of the design operations are realised quickly and easily just with the mouse - as if you were playing with building blocks.  Another convenience is the tool bars that contain some of the most useful commands, e.g. move to, flip, align or rotate.  Each element of the project has its own properties window, where you can specify all the characteristics; name, dimensions, type of material, assignment to a specific report group, price, etc.  All of these features make up a powerful tool that helps the designer in their work.

PRO100 is so versatile that it can be used for many designs a few of which are:

  • Kitchen Designs
  • Bathroom Designs
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Interior Designs
  • Remodeling
  • Garage Furniture
  • Office Layouts
  • Wardrobes

Keywords: Catalogues, Design Software, Furniture, Kitchens, Manufacturing Software

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3D Design Software - Design 2 CAM Limited - Products - reports pro

Please note that these reports can also be exported to a CSV or TXT file for further manipulation in other programs. This is a report of the pricing for the design with discounts applied, also showing the price plus GST. This is a report of the pricing for the deisgn showing the price plus GST. This report lists the hardward required for the design. Sample Reports Available Directly From PRO100.


3D Design Software - Design 2 CAM Limited - Products - procentre

PROCentre allows for all parts to have edging associated to them, you can even have a different edge type on all four edges of a part, which is then calculated to give the total edging required. PROCentre has been developed by cabinetmakers in New Zealand and Australia to enhance and compliment PRO100 by producing the manufacturing information required for the Australasian markets.


3D Design Software - Design 2 CAM Limited - Products - reports

This report lists the materials required for the carcass by cabinet including edges required. This report lists the cost and retail pricing of each pre-made item for the project. This is a sample of the print out of the optimised sheet layouts for the project. This is an order that is generated for each supplier for the required design. This report is a summary of the cost and retail price of the design.