LETTERACTION – Debt Collection up to $1000

LETTERACTION – Debt Collection up to $1000 from Debtforce Limited

By: Debtforce Limited  29-Oct-2009
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 Managing your debtors is economical with this service and is generally for small debts of $1000 or less. This is a personalised three-letter system, in varying degrees of severity that are sent over 14 days to the address provided, with the service being completed on day 21. 
The service can be stopped or started depending what the debtor does. For instance, should the debtor contact you and make a future payment arrangement you can contact DEBTFORCE and have the service stopped.
Should payment not arrive it is simply a matter of contacting DEBTFORCE to continue with the service and the next letter of the series would be sent out to the debtor until the service is complete. 
It is important to advise DEBTFORCE of any payment or arrangement to pay to ensure that your debtor does not receive unnecessary letters.
Upon completion of the letter program and no payment has resulted, if a contact telephone number is provided any non-responding debtors will be telephoned to request payment as well as to establish any intentions of the debtor to make payment. 
In addition enquiries will be made to obtain an assessment of their circumstances or intentions to pay which will be reported to the client for further instructions.
This Debt Collection Service includes:
Debts up to $1000 3 x letters over 14 Days Suspend – Restart Day 21 Debtor Contacted (Where details are provided) Payment Report to client
SERVICE COSTS (fees are plus GST) 
$0.00 – $300 = $45
$301 – $500 = $55
$501 – $1000 =$65

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