Ledger Management

Ledger Management from Debtforce Limited

By: Debtforce Limited  29-Oct-2009
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 Often people in business simply do not have the time to follow up regularly on their debtor’s ledger.
This service is to allow the business owner to get on with their business and not be distracted chasing overdue accounts.
The service can be for one off or regular small or large ledgers. Having a non offensive professional person contacting your customers and asking for payment of an account can have an immediate effect and produce essential cash flow for your business.
Once a ledger is received a series of up to 3 calls are made to the account holder to ask for payment of the account or establish when payment is likely to be received. These calls can be made under your company name or that of DebtForce depending on the approach and result the client desires. This direct approach will often highlight any problems that may arise with your customer’s ability to make payment or any likely dispute giving reason for non payment.
Calls will also be conducted in the evenings to contact the customer should that be required . At the completion of the ledger management process a full report is provided to the client that will provide details of all calls made, how and when payments can be expected. The report will also contain any matters that may need to be addressed between the business and the customer.
The ledger management information is not retained in the debtor database of DEBTFORCE but is held in a separate system from that of debt collection.
Service Features
Any size debt
3 Telephone calls to debtor
Detailed report to client
Letter to non contacted debtors
Payment direct to clients bank
Service Costs (per account plus GST)
Non contact, report & Letter – $5.00
Contact & report – $10.00 No Commission

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