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By: Datasmugglers  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Artwork, Game Server, Time Monitoring

26th March 2012 9:14am

“i think i have enough resorces to completely cover the islands in wood walls so nobody could move”

22nd March 2012 6:18pm

Here is a slightly embarrassing experience from yesterday:

  1. I updated the test server with some neat changes.
  2. They go to the test server.
  3. And its totally borked! argh!

And I didn’t know until someone told me!  Naughty! Bad programmer!

So today I’ve setup:

  • Up time monitoring for the test web site
  • Up time monitoring for the test game server
  • And a test script for me to follow when I make changes to the test server.

The test script is really just a checklist, nothing fancy, but should catch any major issues.

21st March 2012 4:23pm

Artwork is being made!    Starting with characters and buildings,  they’re the most important thing.   The style of the brand, website, and in-game UI will all come from the that character artwork.

The test server is behaving itself nicely.   It’s still too buggy to release publicly,  but if you can guess the domain name you can probably find it,  as the site’s password protection has been disabled  ;)    The test server will be wiped every now and then,  but don’t worry the live game will be a permanent universe.

Two friends were playing for a while the other night… here’s what they had to say:
    ”The best part of my strategy was probably running away.”
    ”And most importantly he got his ass kicked. Artwork or no artwork. Haha.”

16th March 2012 4:48pm

Ha, I get to use a buzz word.  Procedurally procedural created maps are now working… here’s a gif animation showing what starting realms now look like…

15th March 2012 10:37pm

I had hoped to put the test server public this week,  but bugs and life have got in the way.   I’ll try to get something new and interesting up here tomorrow,  possibly character artwork.

In the mean time, be excited for me,  I am now engaged to the wonderful Fiona! :)

6th March 2012 9:35am

Test server is up and running nicely. This week a few friends and I are testing the test server, and hopefully next week I’ll open it up to the public.

I thought I’d be able to get away with my programmer art for a while longer, but testing has shown that people really have trouble identifying and identifying with the units. So I’ve moved getting artwork for terrain and units up in the schedule. So the priority for this week is to find an illustrator I can afford who has the time, and can draw some gorgeous characters.

If you were kind, you’d now ask how bad can my programmer art really be?  this bad!

25th February 2012 9:26am

I am setting up a Mac Mini (quad core i7, 8gb ram, 2x500gb drives) as a Test Server for Ironery. When it’s ready people will be able to play it from outside my house. :)

The Mac Mini is a beautiful piece of hardware, tiny, silent and a built in power supply so I don’t need to find room for a massive power brick.

But the software! good grief apple. Is this a server or a media center for kittens? Comes with Apache but not MySQL? waaaah? And the fancy pants Server Admin GUI app lasted me about 5 minutes before I removed it from the dock and went back to the command line.

Anyway, enough ranting. Get back to work David.

23rd February 2012 8:59pm

Here’s my elevator pitch:

Time travel themed hex-tile MMORTS
Ironery is a time travel themed massive multi-player online real time strategy game.  Travel back in time to plunder resources from the past, re-build your empire and conquer the stars.

And now a picture… here is an artwork tests from a very very early version:

Keywords: Artwork, Character Artwork, Game Server, Test Server, Time Monitoring,