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By: Darroch Consulting  05-Apr-2012


We work for many different industry groups and different situations involving large and small projects as well as simple and some very complex ones.  Much of our work involves developing innovative solutions where we integrate appropriate material handling systems with information technology solutions.  This results in obtaining optimal operating efficiencies with excellent service standards being achieved.
We work mainly throughout New Zealand and Australia, with some jobs in Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific Region.

The company covers the following activities:

• Supply chain analysis and modelling.
• Distribution centre and warehouse design.
• Development of fully integrated material handling systems.
• Selection and installation of warehouse management systems.
• The design and implementation of smart warehousing technology.
• Physical distribution projects.
• Productivity improvement throughout supply chain systems.
• Assistance with the selection of suitable sites for development.
• Total project management.
• Providing innovative, cost effective solutions.


DCL has completed a broad range of projects covering a range of industries. These include:
FMCG, dry grocery, general merchandise, chilled and frozen goods, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare, chemical,
textiles, apparel, electronics, office products, publishing, defense, dairy products, industrial products, hardware, heavy industry and third party logistics.


A project goes through many stages and phases, including:

• Confirming supply chain strategies.
• Developing the best overall building location on selected sites for
operating efficiency.
• Supply chain data analysis − understanding your business activity.
• Study of your existing operating methods and procedures
• Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your operations.
• Conceptual development of several layout options.
• Development of preferred option.
• Develop detailed material handling system designs.
• Sizing proposed DC building.
• Developing traffic flows for vehicles and containers.
• Cost benefit analysis.
• Information technology.
• Warehouse management systems applications.
• Material handling and storage systems equipment supply.
• Project management.
• Commissioning and training.

Our involvement can include as much of the above as you require.  We have taken many projects through all of these stages, while with others we handle selected tasks where our particular skills are required.  It is also important to work closely with the client’s team and often, where appropriate, we use their resources.