By: Darrelle Stevens  05-Apr-2012

By Darrelle Stevens

February 2012

The Awakening – We are already into the second month of 2012 as the sweeping winds of change begin to lift us up with this new and exciting energy. The heartbeat of humanity is being aligned with the universal heart that sits within the center of the milky way galaxy. The energy firing from the universal gears of consciousness encourages our alignment with human, planetary and universal existence; unification of the three hearts eventually beating as one. The hearts frequency is aligning itself with the frequency of the universal heart – returning us to the whole, the oneness.

The divine order of spirituality gave birth to the science of spirit as we know it and it is through the doorways of science that we seek and gain a deeper understanding of our reality and the many questions we have concerning, who are we? and why are we here? As we continue to become awakened in the midst of this evolutionary shift, we will continue to seek an even greater understanding of our reality.  this exciting point in time commonly termed ‘ the greatest shift of the ages’  at times simply transcends language as the miracle of our ability to transform as a species is fully understood.

This shift in our consciousness is affecting everything around us and by learning to observe our environment we learn the enormous potential for us to change. It is obvious that we can no longer be sustained as our current systems are outdated and no longer serve us as our current form is no longer conducive with an evolving species.

We are living within the greatest manifesting energy of our times!!! We have enormous potential to co-create changing our environment to the greatest degree imaginable. There are no limits. The frequency of unity is birthing with speed and assisting us to change our world at an unprecedented pace. As we continue to shift our paradigm we can clearly see the potential to achieve unity in all things. If we are going to make beautiful music, we need more than one instrument; we are an entire orchestra learning to play in harmony. Although we will face challenges, working together these will easily be overcome. We have an individual responsibility to co-exist and co-create as a species, and we are able to achieve this through expressing ourselves as the divine being we are. As we focus more positively upon our individual self and shifting our consciousness, we alter our energy field and this in turn affects our environment. The more people who alter their energy fields positively the quicker our divine purpose will elevate our experience and thus change our reality.  We will be birthed into a new reality – A New World.  We will no longer view the world as we once did.

As Mother Earth exists in the 5th dimension we are bound to be affected in one way or another, as this new energy permeates our environment reshaping our reality and presenting us with new challenges and encouraging us to embrace a new paradigm. Remember as one world dissolves another is pulsing with a life force that is vast and filled with incredible light. Our sensing faculties that operate beyond the physical body are being expanded to accommodate these changes. Our transformation as a species is a unique and unquantifiable experience, as we have no point of reference for this event. However having said this, our light bodies and the mighty I AM presence (please refer to GEARS page on website) will divinely guide and direct us toward our higher purpose. We are never left without divine direction, we are never left alone.

Often these days are being referred to as ‘The End Of Times’ – this requires clarification from time to time as people automatically allow the fear factor to overwhelm their thinking. This term is the end of our world as we know it, the 3D experience. Our planet is moving into a new and exciting energy and therefore we are required to evolve to sustain and remain in this environment. As the earth moves into the new frequency, co-creating a new world, we transform to co-create with Mother Earth. I am frequently questioned about the destruction and uprising throughout the world at present. Some of this is orchestrated and some is a natural result of humanities desire for change, although it may not be expressed in a manner that is congruent with evolution as we see it. These actions at times bring an end to systems that no longer serve us.

Information that increasingly implants fear into our thinking is not encouraging the evolutionary process. We have nothing to fear and nothing to loose. Our divine self the I AM presence is constantly messaging our physical body  through the light bodies that surround us.

This divinely orchestrated event will place us at the heart of a new and exciting existence if we so desire. There is no need to be fearful or turn away from the potential of a wonderful existance. Everything we need to know and understand for this shift is divinely held within our biology (DNA)  and also divinely guided by our higher self the I AM presence, our eternal light body.  This light body has an anchor within our hearts centre, the threefold flame and it is the power of the heart that will awaken us to our destiny. I encourage you to read the INTRO page of my website for further understanding of our reality and the true gift that is the human creation. We are so much more than our physical bodies and as we seek greater understanding of ourselves we realize the magnificent and divine being we are.   We are multi-sensory and multi-dimensional; we are able to experience beyond that which can be seen and beyond that which can be measured. Learning to develop our inner senses, those senses beyond, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell delivers us into a new world of freedom. We are able to operate as multi-sensory to develop super consciousness. Our ability to exist as a multi-dimensional being is exceptional and these certainly are the times to be developing new skills to expand our awareness.

The range of CD’s I have produced are specific to support these changing times and come highly recommended.

Thank you to everyone who has been messaging me so far this year. Your encouraging words and support is greatly appreciated. I have had many new enquiry’s regarding ‘The Golden Mysteries of Enoch’ please refer to this book page as I have added the introduction from this book on the website.

Arohanui  & Blessings


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