A NEW WORLD – an evolutionary journey by Darrelle Stevens

By: Darrelle Stevens  05-Apr-2012

Intrigued, she moved forward with curiosity and was met with love and gentle encouragement from The Masters of  Sirius, Letya of the Pleiades, the Ascended Master Jesus, Enoch, Prophets from the ancient of days, The Cosmic Council, the Galactic Federation, The Great White Brotherhood, The Darjeeling Council, Gautama Buddha,  and extra-terrestrial  intelligence. Over a period of several years, these all became Darrelle’s teachers and assisted her awakening consciousness in a way that is completely unprecedented.

This book tells of A NEW WORLD for us to explore as our species learns the wonders of non-verbal communication and takes steps to develop the major bridge of light between this world and the multi-dimensional experiences that await us. The received “Teachings” present both an amazing insight into the history of the human species and the guidelines and necessary principles to guide our evolution into a new enlightened age.

Although much of this material was initially received more than 20 years ago, it is obvious that humanity today requires this information more than ever. Its public release at this time has been encouraged by wise Masters as a gift to humanity in order to allow vital information to flow forth from the higher octaves of light as Darrelle continues to receive and share information from the greatest stream of enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom of our age.

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The energy firing from the universal gears of consciousness encourages our alignment with human, planetary and universal existence; unification of the three hearts eventually beating as one. We have an individual responsibility to co-exist and co-create as a species, and we are able to achieve this through expressing ourselves as the divine being we are.