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By: D.m Standen  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Rope, Lifting Equipment, Wire Rope

Lifting Equipment Hire
A range of standard lifting equipment, including common items such as chain blocks, lever hoists, chain slings, are offered for hire in some areas. Wire rope winders, test weights (up to 5 tonne) and certified load cells ( up to 40 tonne) are also available for hire in Auckland.

Fitting and Rigging Service

We offer mechanical splicing of wire rope up to 40mm diameter, hand splicing for both wire and synthetic rope up to 90mm diameter and inspections and rope winding services both in our factory or on site. We are able to offer a full 24 hour on site rigging and hand splicing call out service. This service also includes the supply and fitting of end attachments which are fitted by experienced staff. Long splicing, yacht rigging and the re-rigging of ships cranes and derricks, as well as a mobile rope winding service, are also available. We are also able to offer on site pressing for some Crane wires, please

us for further information.

Lifting Equipment Ins
pection and Repair    We will inspect your equipment, identify any problem

   areas, repair the item in question and carry out a proof

   load test. We repair a broad range of product including

   chain slings, chain blocks, lever hoists, winches, plate

   clamps etc.

On site Testing Service (up to 100 tonnes)

   No more lost time having your slings and lifting
equipment off-site for testing and certification.

   Your lifting equipment can now be tested on site at

   your convenience.

Testing Facilities (up to 100 tonnes)

We have the testing facilities and the expertise to test a broad range of lifting and rigging equipment. Both proof load and destruction testing services are available. All work carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory standards.

 On-Line Test Certicates

Preventative Maintenance Service
With the growing need to provide work place safety across industry DM Standen can assist in keeping your lifting equipment in a safe and serviceable condition. We can provide a total lifting equipment management package including database registers of lifting equipment, scheduled testing and inspection, repairs, technical advice and best-fit solutions for replacement of equipment as required.

Keywords: Lifting Equipment, Rope, Wire Rope