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By: Cyberglue  06-Dec-2011
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What is MRM?

MRM or Member Relationship Management is the power to know your members better, serve your members better and increase their satisfaction. An MRM system does this by capturing information from your interactions with members, allowing you to analyze this information to improve your membership services and communications.

An MRM system turns every interaction into an opportunity to strengthen the ties between you and your members. Information gathered by your MRM will help you develop a high quality profile of your membership - their needs, behaviors, expectations and issues. Members are all different and their requirements of you as an organization will differ. An MRM lets you build a better understanding of these differences.

What is 21st Century MRM?

Memberconnex introduces 21st Century MRM - a 100% web based, seamless Membership Database, Membership Portal, and public Web site that lets associations significantly improve their ability to attract and retain members.

Put another way, Memberconnex MRM allows you to capture an exceptional amount of knowledge, and greatly improves your ability to recognize, respond and engage with your members.

How will Memberconnex MRM help us?

Memberconnex 21st century MRM helps build long term connections with your members by making it fundamentally easier for you to harness your expertise, knowledge and resources.

In all probability, your organization fulfills many roles for your members; leader, knowledge provider, regulator, educator, advocate. Memberconnex MRM not only makes it easier to perform these roles it also enhances how you go about performing them..

You can achieve:

  • More streamlined membership management
  • More targeted and timely member resources and services
  • More targeted communication, better marketing
  • Improved member to member networking
  • Better member to public interaction
  • Improved intelligence and statistics gathering

Keywords: Member Relationship Management, Relationship Management

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