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By: Cupolex  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Recycled Plastic

Other Cupolex Products | Windi | Rialto


This Cupolex product creates a ventilated floor on existing floors without affecting the structure of the building. The adoption of CUPOLEX® WINDI® allows you to save on waterproof sheathing and guarantees a constant seal against dampness. CUPOLEX® WINDI® may also be easily attached to walls to obtain an air space capable of ventilating and eliminating mould.

CUPOLEX® Rialto®

This product is an Aerated Structural Flooring system of up to 2500 in height which is made up of domes, tubes and a footing grid that can be rapidly assembled to create a sub floor formwork ready to pour.  The domes are 570mm square and are supported at their corners by PVC tubes of 125mm diameter.  The tubes fit into a footing grid designed to align the tubes with the domes.  The height can be variable up to a maximum of 2500mm. 

The advantages of a Rialto floor

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Extremely cost effective alternative to engineered fill or other alternatives
  • Very high load bearing capacity
  • Waterproof, protects against moisture or rising damp
  • Able to vent harmful gases outside the slab
  • Provides under slab cavity for running of services 
  • Rialto can also be used for the creation of underground water retention or detention tanks

Here are some Photos of the Rialto System in place

Keywords: Recycled Plastic

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Cupolex Product Range | Cupolex Products

BETON STOP® compensates dimensional variations in slabs negating the need to cut the CUPOLEX® units. BETON STOP® allows the CUPOLEX® aerated floor to be suitable for any concrete slab dimensions. The H26 Dome is manufactured both here in NZ and in Australia for their respective markets. The H26 or 260mm high dome is the only dome height stocked in NZ and Australia. Want to know more about our range of Cupolex products.


Installation of Cupolex Products | Cupolex Building Systems

Pouring and finishing of the slab in the conventional manner taking care to "foot" the domes before pouring beams. 3-5m3 less concrete than a polystyrene system for a typical 150m2 concrete slab. From the starting dome place from left to right working down in rows. CUPOLEX® provides excellent is fast and easy to install. On your engineered design there will be a starting dome. Each CUPOLEX® form has an installation arrow.