Crossware Mail Signature

By: Crossware  15-Apr-2009
Keywords: Graphic Design, Messaging, Domino

Crossware Mail Signature for Lotus Notes". Crossware Mail Signature is a server based application that adds good-looking email signatures to all outgoing emails. These signatures may include legal disclaimers if required and logos, graphics, advertising banners and special promotion announcements.

Your marketing team has worked very hard on protecting your corporate image with

Professional Logos
Slick business cards
Impressive signage on company buildings and vehicles
Nice music when you phone the company

But are all your emails in your organization diluting the efforts that your marketing people have put into creating a corporate image? Are your emails compliant with the corporate image? Or are they a mixture of individual designed emails - some with appropriate signatures and some with a bare minimum of data?

In a nutshell by using Crossware Mail Signature you will gain:

centralized control of email sign-offs / signatures: latest version of the corporate logo appended
brand consistency: all emails leaving your organization will have a 100% consistent sign-off
legal compliance: disclaimers added at server gateway - users cannot override or alter disclaimers!
promotional messages: many options for choosing a standard promotion, randomized by day, week or month

There is nothing new about the idea of using an advertising concept. For many years companies have been using the power of placing promotional messages on envelopes, invoices or other items mailed to clients. Crossware mail Signature extends this capability to all your emails - one of the most powerful communication tools that you have.

Keywords: Collaboration Software, Domino, Graphic Design, Ibm Business Partner, Messaging