Rapid Inflatable Tents & structures - Products

By: Covertex  06-Dec-2011

When a disaster strikes, response timing is critical, with emergency forces relying on specialist equipment to help respond immediately. So when it comes to rapid inflatable deployment structures for urgent response, you need remember only one name: Covertex. Covertex is an international leader in the design, manufacture and supply of air supported emergency and military buildings.

With an increasing array of emergencies and disasters occurring all over the world, it's important you get the right incident managment structure for your requirements. Covertex specialises in working with different technical materials, and each standard design can be modified to suit specific needs. Your custom built structure is assured to last the rigours of fieldwork and extreme weather conditions, as all units are fully sealed and fused by high frequency welding to consistent ISO 9001 standards.

The Covertex range includes:

Emergency AirShelters

for immediate response shelter for emergency services;

Defence AirShelters & LSS

, capable of housing personnel, field hospital through to vehicles and helicopters; and the

Rescue AirBridge

, ideal for rescuing victims from mud, ice and water.

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