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By: Compusol  06-Dec-2011

Data Recovery

Did you forget to do your backup for the last month? Now your hard drive has crashed, 3 days before the end of month, and you have all those statements to get out. We can help. With a specialist data recovery expert onboard, we have a greater than 90% chance of getting your data back for you. We will keep going, when other companies have long given up. Its possible to even get data back after your drive has been formatted, so don't give up on that weekend down at the lake, give us a call.

Hardware and Software Acquisition

Need a new computer? A new printer? No Problem. Compusol are a one-stop shop for all your computer solutions. We provide all the leading brand name computers including HP/Compaq, IBM and Toshiba, at some of the best prices around.

Compusol understands that dropping a computer on someone's desk, doesn't give them a tool to use, it gives them a paperweight. That's why when we install a computer, we set it up. Making sure that you have all the tools on it to be productive from the moment that we leave your desk.

Now we are not ones to name drop, but we take great pride in the quality of the Hardware and Software that we supply. Below are just a few suppliers that we use and recommend. If you would like to know more, the logos on the left link to the relevant suppliers websites.

Lan/Network Design

Do you need a network NOW?
How big will you be in 6 months, a year, 5 years?

Compusol has successfully grown many companies, from small 'one man bands' to multimode networks. The key is planning. With our LAN Design services, we can ensure that you get a solution that suits you now, and 5 years down the track.

Network Auditing

Is your software legit? Do you know that every piece of software in your organisation has a valid serial number? How old are your computers? When were they purchased? Are they still under warranty?

As you grow, so does your IT Network. Often it becomes hard to keep track of licensing, computer specifications, warranty and the like. Compusol will come into your company and audit your ENTIRE I.T. Network, including Printers, Routers, Hubs & Cabling. Giving you a complete specification and report on it.
That way, if Microsoft ever comes knocking on your door, you KNOW that you are legit, and free of surprises

Network Management

When you grow your business, you want to be doing what you do best. That's your job. Compusol are specialists in managing your IT resource for you. Minimising the amount of time that you have to spend looking after your server and network frees you up to grow your business, not get bogged down supporting your computers. Compusol manages many clients' networks, both with regular onsite visits, and secure remote administration services. This keeps us out of your hair when you're working, but lets us know if your server or workstations need some TLC.

PC Troubleshooting

Old faithful sounding like it needs a lube and oil change? Is your computer doing strange things, at strange times? We can have a look at it for you. While computers are getting cheaper and cheaper every year, they are still not toasters. When they break, its often worth having a look, before donating them to the recycle bin. We have some of the cheapest workshop fees in Auckland, with technicians with over 10 years experience in the industry. If it's fixable, we will give it a go.

Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal

Viruses are here to stay, and there seems to be no shortage of people out there willing to manufacture more of them. For your business to run a successful computer system on the Internet, whether it is one computer or 100, virus protection has become as essential as a keyboard, mouse and an ISP.
Here is where Compusol can help. We have chosen the Nod32 suite as our weapon of defence. These tools can protect your PCs, servers and even scan incoming email before it reaches your network.
We already maintain a large number of sites within the Auckland region. While no antivirus solution is 100% guaranteed, our customers have attested to being more than happy with the continued protection and service that our solutions provide.
As well as an ongoing protection service, we also have a large amount of experience with fixing computers and networks that have already become infected with viruses. We appreciate that you are always infected with a virus at exactly the wrong time, and need your PC working for that 5 o'clock deadline. We will endeavour to make this happen for you.

Microsoft Small Business Server Solutions