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By: Cleanlet  05-Apr-2012

A lot of people think an electronic bidet is a Japanese invention.  It actually isn't.  Originally it was made in the U.S.A. for physically disabled people.  TOTO, Japanese bathroom ware company, used to import it from the U.S.A.  But it was very expensive, so they decided to develop their own.  One of the team involved with the development had a father who suffered severely from haemorrhoid.  This inspired him to work very hard in the belief that his father could find some relief.  The result was a vastly improved product.  That was the birth of  TOTO's"Washlet".  Unfortunately  TOTO bidets don't comply with the NZ plumbing regulations.

There is a Kiwi connection, too.  A few years ago, when we had an exhibition at the Home Ideas Centre, a gentleman with a pleasant smile called in. He had stayed in Aichi prefecture in Japan and assisted with the bidet design for another manufacturer.    His input in the design will have been used by many other manufacturers in their bidets.

We are privileged to be able to work and collaborate together with our manufacture.  We always take feed back from our clients when we have meetings at the factory in an endeavour to improve the design for Kiwis.


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